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Pricing and Payment Policies

Investing in your health is just that – “an investment.” Unlike material or financial investments, health investments should cause you to gain in wellness, energy, strength, and stability, among a wealth of other benefits. What good are material things without the one true gift of good health? At Caring Medical we strive to achieve that ultimate goal for you – that goal of being healthy and active without chronic pain. Only you can decide what is fair and “worth the investment” when it comes to out-of-pocket costs for your health care. We will make every effort to instill the feeling of “that was worth it” when you come to Caring Medical for Prolotherapy.

Standard Payment Policy 

We respectfully request that patients pay in full at the time of service. Caring Medical accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, personal checks, and/or cash for payment of services (or any combination of the above).

Fee Guidelines  

The following list has been provided as a guide for determining expected costs for various services provided at Caring Medical. The actual price may be more or less depending on the exact area being treated as well as if Stem Cell Prolotherapy was recommended or IV Conscious Sedation, which adds to the cost of the overall treatment. For example, someone with “back pain” might have pain in the lower back and the hips, and after physical exam and discussion of your medical history, it is determined that Prolotherapy to both the back and hips is recommended. So the cost would be $700 plus $425 per hip. On the other hand, your back pain might involve only treating your mid-back region and nowhere else. We use this example to show how with Comprehensive Prolotherapy, it just depends on your particular case.

Office Visits & Consultations:
New Patient consultation: $250-375 (One-time fee)
Follow up visits and consultations for new problems: $150-175

Cost for Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma, Stem Cell Therapy

Area treated – Cost per Treatment
Prolotherapy – Low Back $700
Prolotherapy – Mid Back $700
Prolotherapy – Neck $700
Prolotherapy – Shoulder or Hip (each) $425
Prolotherapy – TMJ (each) $300
Prolotherapy – Wrist (each) $350
Prolotherapy – Knee (each) $425
Prolotherapy – Ankle (each) $400
Prolotherapy – Heel (each) $300
Prolotherapy – Foot or Hand (each) $300
Prolotherapy – Toe(s) or Finger(s) (dependent upon the quantity treated) $225 – $375
Prolotherapy – Elbow (each) $400
Platelet Rich Plasma (added to above cost of Prolo) $500
Stem Cell Therapy (added to above cost of Prolo) (Bone Marrow and/or Lipoaspirate) $1150 – $2650
Nerve Block $325
Neural Therapy (depending on area treated) $100-$300
Conscious Sedation $1250

Pricing for treatments, medications or consultations are subject to change at any time.

Insurance claims

Caring Medical will provide you with an itemized statement that you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. The invoice will be marked asking the insurance company to send any reimbursement directly to the patient..

Please note: Health insurance is a contract between you and your insurance carrier only. We are not part of your contract and can in no way guarantee any level of insurance reimbursement. Please understand, however, that there is no guarantee that insurance companies will reimburse for Prolotherapy treatments, even after they have said “yes” to complete or partial coverage. Caring Medical withdraws itself from involvement in insurance disputes, but will provide you and/or your insurance company, with any information that we are able to release. We strive to provide you with the finest level of care and will continue to help you, our patients, attempt to get the most reimbursement you can from your insurance company.


We are not a Medicare or Medicaid provider. Since Medicare/Medicaid have determined that they will not cover natural medicine services, including Prolotherapy, Caring Medical cannot be part of this system. Claims for services received here cannot be sent to Medicare or Medicaid.

Secondary or supplemental insurance  

If you have a secondary insurance, you can submit the claim to them. The claim must accompany a letter of understanding with regard to services provided by Caring Medical and Medicare’s non-coverage of our services. We will generate this letter for you, along with the itemized statement, if you wish to submit a claim to your secondary insurer.

Legal Cases   

Caring Medical remains removed from cases such as workman’s compensation, auto accidents and legal cases. Patients who choose to receive treatment at Caring Medical will be required to pay 100% at the time of service and will receive receipts for their services. Patients are responsible for filing their own claims.

Have specific questions about cost? Email or call us!

Our staff is excellent at assessing cases and outlining approximate costs upon scheduling your appointment. We will give you a solid idea of costs for your individual case, as best we can. Email or call at 708-393-8266 or Then schedule the initial consultation with Danielle Steilen, PA-C, Tim Speciale, DO, or Ross Hauser, MD in order to know for certain which areas should be treated. If it turns out you are not a candidate for Prolotherapy, we will not charge you for the office visit.

All prices are explained up front and neither treatments nor lab testing are done without the patient’s prior approval. If finances are an issue, treatments and testing may be done in increments.


Our Policy On Physician Referrals
Please understand that we cannot offer recommendations for other Prolotherapy doctors. The information we provide on our websites and videos pertain to the experience of our practitioners. What we do at Caring Medical is not necessarily what other doctors do in their offices. This article entitled, “Not all Prolotherapy doctors are created equal” tells of the experiences some patients have had with physicians who were not well trained in Prolotherapy, or used a different technique than the Comprehensive Hackett Hemwall dextrose Prolotherapy technique we are known for. If you are not planning to come to our office, it is best to call the office where you are planning to go for your care. For the names of other Prolotherapy doctors, try the web site GetProlo is a listing of Prolotherapy doctors from around the country. A listing on this website does not constitute our endorsement, nor do we personally know all of these Prolotherapy doctors. Obviously, we are biased and want you to come here. We are considered, by many, to have the most experienced physician in Prolotherapy here in our office. We see many patients from around the U.S. and the world. If you would like to become a patient, we would be happy to see you at either of our offices in Chicagoland or Southwest Florida.