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Nutrition for Healing

MH-DS-RH-Hauser_333What does “Healthy Living” mean to you? Better food choices? Active lifestyle? Supportive relationships? Quality nutritional supplements? We believe in all of them! At Caring Medical we help patients maximize their health through Hauser Diet Typing® and Natural Medicine. Patients come to us from all walks of life and all stages of health or disease. We help top athletes who want to improve endurance, menopausal women who want to shed stubborn pounds, as well as people suffering from crippling autoimmune disorders who feel stuck in a failed traditional medicine rut. The reason why they are ready to make a change varies from person to person, but they all share determination to seek improvement in their health and lives.

We’re here to help you! The Hauser Diet® offers a fresh look at healthy living. We offer Natural Medicine testing to specifically tell you more about your physiology and the specific foods your body needs. This is a very individualized approach which often sheds light on why certain diet plans have worked or not worked for you in the past. In our experience, not all people need to eat one specific diet. This even includes people who have heart disease, adult onset diabetes, or high cholesterol. Our job is to help you find the answers to what food is right for YOU through Diet Typing.

It’s all about the food…or is it? Sometimes diet is only half the battle for patients dealing with serious conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and the like. Often there are additional underlying factors that can help turn a person’s health around. These can include looking into hormone levels and searching for specific underlying infections not typically tested for in traditional medicine. For some people, bad relationships or work situations have taken a physical, mental, and emotional toll that has stripped the person of hope.

Hope Practiced Here™! This is one phrase you will see repeated throughout our clinic. We’d like to share with you our experience in helping thousands of other patients learn how to eat better for their unique physiology, maximize wellness with supplements or even natural hormone replacement, have meaningful relationships, and feel vital again. It’s not the fountain of youth- it’s just practical, individualized medicine that works!