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Hauser Diet Typing

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Now you can eat like an animal!

What is the Hauser Diet?
Did you ever wonder why some people appear to have really fast metabolisms, enabling them to eat everything and never gain weight, where others are so slow that they eat like birds and never lose weight? Some people wake up ravenous in the morning, and others grab a cup of coffee and do not feel hungry until the afternoon.

These and other interesting facts occur because of the five individual Hauser Diet Types – the Lion, Otter, Bear, Monkey, and Giraffe Diet Types®. This method of determining what diet is best for each individual is different than any other diet out there. This is not a “one diet for all” type of diet. We scientifically determine, using laboratory tests, what diet is best for you.

Through this testing you will learn how to eat according to your Diet Type and be able to choose what foods are right for you. We have developed five different diet plans that we call the five Hauser Diet Types. Are you a Hauser Lion, Otter, Bear, Monkey, or a Giraffe Diet Type®?
Balancing your body chemistry will help you feel better, achieve optimum health, and prevent disease.

Diet Typing

The benefits of eating according to your Hauser Diet Type are not just weight loss. Hauser Diet Typing to balance your body chemistry can give you a new outlook on life – helping with conditions such as weight problems, chronic fatigue, allergies, chronic pain, diabetes, heart disease, and rheumatologic disease, just to name a few.

Caring Medical analyzes these two variables, first and foremost, to determine your individual Hauser Diet Type:

  • Blood pH
  • Oxidative Rate

Blood pH:

The blood pH is the level of acidity or alkalinity. We have done a lot of research on this topic at Caring Medical, and have observed a multitude of patients over the years. Our physicians utilize blood pH as a means of testing basic metabolic physiology in our patients. Interestingly enough, we have found that subtle changes in blood pH can have profound affects on your overall health, feeling of wellness, level of fatigue, pain, weight, and a myriad of other conditions.

What is normal blood pH?
Our pH meter at Caring Medical shows normal whole blood pH levels at 7.349 to 7.369. The normal range will vary depending on the pH meter. The pH of the body, as you can see, has a very narrow range for normal levels. Small fluctuations of 0.100 increments can produce profound changes in the body. We determine your blood pH level by drawing a tube of blood and testing it using a scientific piece of monitoring equipment that is used in many hospital ICU’s around the country. It is extremely accurate.

Many factors can change blood pH and effect how you should eat. When the blood pH is acidic (low), you should be eating more like the Lion or Otter Diet Types®. When your blood pH is alkaline (high), you should be eating more vegetarian, like the Hauser Monkey or Giraffe Diet Types®. A neutral pH means that you should be eating more of a balanced diet, such as the Hauser Bear Diet Type®. However, pH alone does not fully determine your Hauser Diet Type. Read on…

Oxidative Rate

Oxidative rate tells us how quickly or slowly you metabolize (or oxidize) food. A modified glucose tolerance test is done to determine your oxidative rate. After fasting for 10-12 hours, you will be given 50 grams of carbohydrate in the form of a fruit drink. Your blood sugars are then taken with a fingerstick test every half-hour for ninety minutes. The extremes of oxidative rates are seen in diabetes (slow oxidizer) and hypoglycemia (fast oxidizer). Fast oxidizers require more protein in general, where slow oxidizers may require more carbohydrates. We will also perform a HgA1c test to indicate what your average blood sugar levels have been over a period of 3 or more months.


Diet Typing Questionnaire addition to the blood testing, we need to know how you feel when you eat certain foods. Our Diet Typing questionnaire will be given to you to complete during your testing. The answers to the questions in the questionnaire, along with the results of your testing will help us determine which Hauser Diet is most appropriate for your optimal health. We are not asking you if you like these certain foods, but how you feel with certain foods. Try to observe this next time you are eating. You’d be surprised!

Putting it all together: We put the results of your pH and oxidative rate tests together with your overall health history and answers to the questionnaire to determine your individual Hauser Diet Type.

Additional testing for optimizing health:

Food Allergy Testing
Getting a food allergy test is also important when determining your personal diet. If you have a sensitivity or allergy to a particular food it could be causing symptoms like low energy, headaches, inability to heal properly, mental fog, weight gain, and many other symptoms. It is sometimes hard to know you have a food allergy, but once you get rid of a food allergy you will notice the difference. Our food allergy test will test for 95 or 190 of the most popular foods. This way we can appropriately determine what foods you need to eliminate from your diet that could be causing you other health problems.

Hormone Testing
Hormone levels are used to determine the sex hormone status or to monitor the progress in those receiving hormone replacement therapy Sex hormones play a vital role in overall health. Low sex hormones can contribute to lack of energy, decreased libido, poor memory, low muscle mass, and bone loss.

Other Testing
There are many factors involved in your overall health to consider. Dr. Ross Hauser or PA Danielle Steilen may recommend other tests that he may feel are needed to help you with disease prevention. See for more information about other tests offered at Caring Medical.


We are excited for you! We hope that knowing your individual Diet Type will help you improve your health. What are you waiting for? It’s time to Eat Like An Animal! Make an appointment today.

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