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Formerly known as Beulah Land Nutritionals, Caring Medical Nutritionals is dedicated to giving our patients access to high potency supplements for those looking to maximize their healing and overall wellness.  For many years, we have worked closely with our trusted manufacturer, OrthoMolecular Products. We have found their integrity and quality standards to be of the highest in the industry.

Need to order supplements?

To order directly from OrthoMolecular/Caring Medical Nutritionals, please CLICK HERE or enter this address into your browser:

You will have access to the entire OrthoMolecular catalog. We felt that this way gives patients a broader range of access to their excellent products. If you were taking a specific Caring Medical Nutritionals product, you can reference the table below for the product’s OrthoMolecular name.

Former Caring Medical Nutritionals product names vs. New OrthoMolecular names
Former name: New name:
Adrene-LN Support Adapten-All
Pro-Collagen Cosmedix
Rapid Response 1 Traumeric
Enzyme Max Vascuzyme
Prolo Max Mitocore (new formulation)
Super Omega Orthomega
Pro-Cartilage Chondro-Flx
Prolo Support Pack Soft Tissue Support Pack
Supervites Alpha Base


Want to place a book order?

Please contact us if you would like to order books in bulk. We will contact you to verify the order and collect a credit card payment over the phone. Please note that our books are also available for individual purchase on

Books available for purchase
The Hauser Diet: A Fresh Look at Healthy Living $25
Prolo Your Pain Away 3rd Edition $25
Prolo Your Sports Injuries Away $50
Prolotherapy: An Alternative to Knee Surgery  $20
Prolo Your Arthritis Pain Away $10
Prolo Your Headache and Neck Pain Away $10
Prolo Your Fibromyalgia Pain Away $10
Treating Cancer with Insulin Potentiation Therapy $20
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