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Hip Pain Treatment Option Prolotherapy

Knee Pain Relief with Prolotherapy

Danielle R. Steilen, MMS, PA-C

A unique characteristic of Caring Medical is that our medical staff looks beyond the obvious to treat the true origin of pain. Unlike the traditional orthopedists or sports medicine doctors, our doctors don’t rely on cortisone shot or  solely on physical therapy, and we certainly don’t rush to surgery as hip pain treatments!  Our Prolotherapists perform a thorough physical examination of the painful and injured joint and listen to the patient’s history to determine the cause of the patient’s pain.

Hip pain kept 31-year-old patient from his active lifestyle

A recent patient, Ethan, is an example of Caring Medical’s approach to chronic pain. An active 31-year-old man, Ethan worked as a manager in the recycling business and stayed active with running, stretching and practicing Judo. Unfortunately his hip pain was preventing him from running like he desired. Even worse, his Judo workouts led to a level of hip pain that caused him to limp for a few hours or days following the workout. He had previously visited an orthopedist for hip pain treatments, but who ordered an X-ray. He was told that the X-ray revealed early osteoarthritis. Not knowing where to turn, Ethan learned to live with the pain in hopes it would improve. Finally someone at his Judo club referred him to Caring Medical for Prolotherapy hip pain treatments.

Prolotherapy Hip Pain Treatments

Upon physical examination at his first visit, we determined that Ethan was a good Prolotherapy candidate. He confirmed Ethan’s early onset of osteoarthritis but explained that Prolotherapy can reverse the osteoarthritic process by rebuilding cartilage and strengthening the joint. Ethan received 68 injections of dextrose Prolotherapy in his hip. He was instructed to discontinue the use of Advil (anti-inflammatory medication) as it inhibits healing. Ethan was instructed to work on strengthening and rebuilding by using a BOSU ball, engaging in one-legged standing, and taking Prolotherapy supplements.

This martial arts patient was looking forward to returning to full workouts with Prolotherapy.

Two months later Ethan returned and reported a 25% improvement following his hip pain treatments. Both his pain and function were improved. He received the same treatment at his next visit, this time with human growth hormone added to the dextrose solution. Two months after this treatment he returned and reported a 40% improvement. He was able to exercise more but reported some stiffness and occasional pain with exercise or heavy impact activities. Although Ethan thought this might be his third and final treatment, we were suspicious of the stiffness.

Upon examination at this third visit, we noted that Ethan’s range of motion had not improved as much as he would have liked. We ordered an X-ray for Ethan to rule out a bone spur. If a bone spur was present, it could be the cause of the limited range of motion. Thankfully, we can eliminate bone spurs by using hydrochloric acid injections to break up the bone spur and strengthening the joint with Prolotherapy hip pain treatments to avoid the formation of any new bone spurs. Dr. Hauser performed Ethan’s third treatment with the same dextrose Prolotherapy injections with human growth hormone, as well as HCl injections to break up the bone spur. Ethan is now back to performing all of the sports and activities that he loves to do!

Caring Medical’s success in treating chronic pain

As demonstrated with Ethan’s case, our Prolotherapists don’t rush to the typical pain treatments, and they also think beyond the treatment they perform best and most often – Prolotherapy, when needed. When a patient needs something above and beyond Prolotherapy, our staff is skilled at determining what those hip pain treatments might be including Stem Cell Prolotherapy, or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy.

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