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Knee pain baker’s cyst treatment

Knee Pain Relief with Prolotherapy

Danielle R. Steilen, MMS, PA-C

Chronic pain and injury affects almost all aspects of life. For a person who has to be on her feet all day, a knee injury is enough to take her out of a job. That’s just what happened to Lisa, a 46-year-old retail manager and band member who had to sit out of both jobs due to nagging Knee Pain and a baker’s cyst. A failed arthroscopic surgery left her frustrated. The baker’s cyst filled within three months of the surgery and she was still unable to return to work.

Knee pain baker’s cyst treatment

At Lisa’s initial consult her knee is warm touch, swollen and difficult to bend. She had a lot of cracking, or crepitus, in her knee. She had difficulty climbing stairs and always had pain and swelling after performing with her band. She was frustrated, out of her primary work as a retail manager, and looking for a cure.

The case files
At the first consultation, we examined Lisa’s knee and diagnosed her with Chondromalacia Patella and ligament laxity. In other words, in addition to the Baker’s cyst, Lisa had abnormal tracking of the kneecap due to cartilage degeneration below the kneecap. The ligament laxity was the cause of the Baker’s cyst and needed to be treated to prevent the cyst from returning once drained. Lisa took all of this information into consideration but chose to wait to return for treatment. A few months later Lisa was ready to heal her troublesome knee.

Lisa returned, we drained the Baker’s cyst and treated Lisa’s knee with 30 injections of dextrose Prolotherapy while injecting human growth hormone inside her joint space. He gave her specific instructions on exercise and supplements to facilitate healing and asked her to return in one month.

A month later, Lisa returned with about a 10% decrease in pain. She had gone for a job interview and had to stand for 30 minutes. She felt the cyst return and reported that she was very limited in what she was able to do. She couldn’t stand for long periods of time and was still swollen after she played with her band. She was assured that a few more treatments would be needed as the healing process was being stimulated with the Prolotherapy injections. She received the same treatment and was told to return one month later.

Lisa returned once a month for the next three months for Prolotherapy treatment to her knee. She slowly started improving, as she was able to stand for longer periods of time, play golf, and perform in a four-hour show with her band. Eventually she was able to dance (for hours in heels!) and then started running. One of the most exciting things for Lisa was that she was able to play with her grandchild without worrying about her knee pain. By May she had accepted an offer for a job as a restaurant manager and was thankful to be back to work.

Long Term Results with Prolotherapy

We recently emailed Lisa to see how she was doing. We were thrilled to hear that she was doing great! Here’s an excerpt from her reply email:

“My knee is fantastic.  I got a job three weeks ago as a manager for a restaurant, and I am on my feet all day, 8-9 hours.  Have had ZERO trouble with my knee. So grateful and thankful for all of you.  . . . .”

Knee pain baker’s cyst treatment – commentary

A cyst is a fluid-filled sac in any location of the body. One of the more common areas where cysts occur is the back of the knee. These cysts are called popliteal cysts or Baker’s cysts. Typically, damage within the knee causes swelling and the fluid is pumped from the knee to this fluid filled sac. This creates swelling and sometimes pain in the back of the knee. This may cause problems achieving full bending or full straightening of the knee.

Typically, draining or cutting out this cyst does not help unless the cause of the fluid accumulation inside the knee is cured. Orthopedic surgeons will recommend that the person get an MRI and subsequent arthroscopy to ‘fix’ the problem. For the person who doesn’t want to undergo general anesthesia and have a 24 inch probe stuck in their knee, there is another option: Prolotherapy.

Let’s think about it. Someone suffers a trauma to their knee and eventually a baker’s cyst forms. What would most likely be injured to cause instability in the knee so that joint fluid accumulates? You got it – ligament damage. In our opinion the best treatment option for a ligament being stretched is Prolotherapy.

Can arthroscopy fix a ligament that is stretched? No. However, Prolotherapy to the injured structure will stimulate the body to repair it. Once it is repaired and the joint is stable, the joint will stop swelling. No more joint swelling there is no more baker’s cyst.

In summary, for those of you with Baker’s cysts, just draining the cyst doesn’t repair anything, it alleviates swelling. Even then the physician will tell you that the likelihood is that the cyst will return. Why? Because the damage into and around the knee joint remains. Damage to the following structures could cause a Baker’s cyst to form: the menisci, ligaments, cartilage, or joint capsule. All of these structures respond to the restorative effects of Prolotherapy. By performing Prolotherapy to the inside of the knee, the joint structure causing the swelling is often repaired. Once it is repaired, the joint swelling stops. Once the joint swelling stops, the Baker’s cyst ceases to exist. We call this “ceasing to exist” a cure. So if you want your Baker’s cyst cured, get a Prolotherapy evaluation and, if appropriate, Prolo Your Baker’s Cyst Away!

For more information:  meniscus repair.



Video Transcription

What is a good treatment for Baker’s cyst? We get asked that all the time. A Baker’s cyst, or a popliteal cyst, just means that the fluid is leaking out of the knee joint into the back of the knee so, Baker’s cyst in the back of the knee. Typically Baker’s cysts don’t cause any symptoms unless the cyst gets very big. What the person will feel is a fullness behind the knee and it might actually limit knee flexion. Most sharp pains in the knee are not due to a Baker’s cyst, but if a Baker’s cyst is causing pain, you have to stop the leakage of fluid from the knee joint to the back of the knee. The best treatment to get rid of a Baker’s cyst is actually Prolotherapy.

Now specifically what is done is the Baker’s cyst is drained, then a Prolotherapy solution is injected into the cyst, and then you actually treat the knee. You do need to actually treat the knee because the inflammation from the Prolotherapy inside the knee and the inflammation from the Prolotherapy inside the Baker’s cyst should plug up the hole so you don’t have a recurrence of the Baker’s cyst. Now sometimes it does take two, three, four visits to totally resolve it. The best treatment option for Baker’s cyst, especially ones that cause pain, is Prolotherapy.

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