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When Prolotherapy Doesn’t Work

Ross Hauser, M.D.

Are there times when Prolotherapy results are not satisfactory?

Just like with other medical procedures, Prolotherapy is a specialty. If you are looking into getting Prolotherapy, you first want to make sure that the Prolotherapy doctor does a lot of Prolotherapy and has successfully treated cases like yours. Every day we get dozens of emails from potential Prolotherapy patients who ask very detailed questions about their case and then ask if we “can recommend someone local.” Likewise, some of our emailers are already seeing another Prolotherapy doctor but are contacting us to ask questions their doctor could not answer about their case, or email us because their Prolotherapy results that were less than satisfactory. We are not saying that we can help everyone 100% of the time, but that we cannot make specific recommendations on a patient we haven’t seen in our office. We are a full time Prolotherapy office and do a LOT of it. We have treated nearly every pain condition, and specialize in treating tough cases, and have seen many “hopeless” cases improve with Prolotherapy. In fact, one of our favorite sayings, which you will see in our office is “Hope Practiced Here.” You see, sometimes that takes more digging into a person’s health to figure out why they may not have healed optimally from a previous Prolotherapy doctors’ treatment. But making the leap of faith and coming to an experienced Prolotherapy doctor may be the answer you are looking for.

Let’s look at some patient examples to better explain…

Prolotherapy for knee arthritis as an alternative to surgery 

Jennette received six Prolotherapy treatments to her knees from her local Prolotherapy doctor without help. She emailed our office questioning the efficacy of Prolotherapy. It was clear that she needed to come to Caring Medical before she gave up on the treatment. She did come in and received another seven Prolotherapy sessions. In the end, she avoided having a knee replacement surgery! You may be asking, “What happened here?”

As it turns out, the first Prolotherapy doctor was not treating the ligaments around the knee. She also had severe tenderness in her pes anserina area (inside/lower part of the knee) which was not previously treated. We treat this area for knee pain patients, and in Jennette’s case he added Growth Hormone for the injections inside the knee. In the end, she needed more extensive Prolotherapy than she was getting with the local Prolotherapy doctor.

Prolotherapy success depends on all the weakened areas being treated

Barbara was another interesting case. She had received three Prolotherapy sessions for low back pain. She decided to fly to Chicago land to have us review the case because she didn’t feel that her results were optimal.


Upon examining her, she indeed exhibited extensive arthritis in her back, but her hip was also significantly involved. Interestingly enough, the pain she was experiencing was primarily on the side of the bad hip. In our office, she received Prolotherapy injections to her hip, as well as her back.

Barbara was shocked to be 30% better with the first visit! She required another five Prolotherapy treatment sessions. She says her pain is 80% relieved overall. She is happy with the results. She wants to see if her body will heal her the rest of the way, but suspects she will come back for another one or two visits. She is very happy that she decided to take the time and spend the money to fly to Caring Medical. She has her life back and avoided surgery!

Get multiple areas treated at one visit for whole body pain

Robert was also an incredible case. He had Prolotherapy by another Prolotherapy doctor every week for four months. He was 25% better. He had multiple areas treated in those four months, but often just one area treated at each visit. We let him know we could treat all the areas at one visit. For this type of Prolotherapy treatment, Robert did request conscious sedation to help dull the pain of all the Prolotherapy injections. Dr. Hauser treated his neck, lower back and both knees at the same visit. Robert was 50% better after two visits. He needed a total of four visits on his lower back, six on his neck, and seven on his knees. Even though more travel expenses were involved than if he continued seeing the local Prolotherapy doctor, he was grateful to have the process expedited! In the end, it cost him less because he didn’t need to take time off of work for so many Prolotherapy visits, in addition to the reduced number of visit costs overall.

How to get the best Prolotherapy results

Someone who receives Prolotherapy does so with the hope of achieving complete pain relief. Most people are very happy that they received Prolotherapy. There are several options available to the person who has a less than optimal results with Prolotherapy. They could quit Prolotherapy – but what are the other options? Typically, the patients are offered a lifetime of pain, a lifetime of anti-inflammatories with all their side effects, cortisone shots, or various surgical operations. At Caring Medical, we work with patients to dig deeper into why they are not healing. It could be as simple as the prior Prolotherapy doctors’ technique was to give minimal injections and they did not receive enough Prolotherapy injections to the area. If that is the case, it may be worth coming to Caring Medical. The same goes for patients who did not receive a strong enough Prolotherapy solution. We have used pretty much every Prolotherapy solution available. We know what typically works best to get a patient a better Prolotherapy response.

If you are not happy with your Prolotherapy results, a better approach is to seek another Prolotherapy specialist and get another opinion on your case. Sometimes a fresh look and a slightly different approach is all that is needed. In our office, it is common for us to get various referrals from other Prolotherapy doctors and have some of their patients see us. The above patient stories are examples of some of the reasons that people who have had bad Prolotherapy results come to see us afterward. The main goal of every Prolotherapist is to get their patients well. The goal is to have our patients say that they were able to Prolo the pain away!