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Posted on: February 5th, 2014

Foods that Cause Inflammation

Cold Weather weight gain

Marion Hauser, MS RD

Are you confused about “inflammation” as it relates to your health? We are frequently asked why we say, “inflammation is good.” Well, that one word, “inflammation” can be good or bad completely depending on the situation. The foods you eat can be causing “bad” inflammation and not allowing you to heal, or the foods you eat can work in sync with Prolotherapy to rebuild strong tissue to the injured, painful area. Let us explain…

“Good” Inflammation

Inflammation, plain and simple, is the process by which the body heals. Prolotherapy induces a temporary inflammation in the exact area of the body that needs repair, a knee joint for instance. Normally there is poor blood supply to these areas. Hence, Prolotherapy is used as a stimulant to bring blood (nourishment) to the area so the body can rebuild healthy connective tissue. The inflammatory state is temporary, usually a couple of days. During this time, the body has a jump start on healing and continues to do so over the next few weeks, even after the initial state of inflammation. Hence, the inflammation caused by Prolotherapy is “good” and controlled.

Foods that Cause Inflammation

Uncontrolled, systemic inflammation is “bad” inflammation which can is indicative of a very serious condition. People who suffer with chronic and systemic inflammation have an underlying trigger causing the body to remain in this state. The body is continuously on high alert, trying to heal itself. The Hauser Diet® approach aims to find this culprit, which is often associated with the foods a person eats everyday!

The Hauser Diet for Healing

Should you be eating meat like a Lion, chomping on leaves like a Giraffe, or somewhere in between? Using blood tests, called Hauser Diet Typing, we can determine exactly what type of fuel your body needs to run efficiently and optimize your healing response.

Blood pH

If you think of a swimming pool, the pH is important for the safety of the pool. The same goes for the pH of your blood. Healing is not conducive in an environment that is too acidic or too alkaline. Your blood pH is related to your current diet. No matter if you eat a balanced diet, high protein/low carb, or low fat/vegetarian, your pH is effected one way or another. By testing blood pH, you can know what types of foods will help you maintain a balanced pH, which will maximize your ability to heal during Prolotherapy, along with many other benefits.

Glucose Tolerance Testing

Another part of Hauser Diet Typing is a Modified Glucose Insulin Tolerance Test, which takes a look at how your body handles a carbohydrate load. We can tell you that no matter which of the five Hauser Diet Types you are, none give you a license to chow down on sugar. A high sugar intake will only deplete your immune system, and hence, a sub-optimal healing response. However, some people do very well handling carbohydrates and can have more in his/her diet. The Hauser Diet® focuses on “complex” carbohydrates, such as whole grains, potatoes (with skin), legumes, vegetables, and high-fiber cereal.

What’s your Diet Type?

Using the first two tests, we can determine what breakdown of macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrates) is ideal for you, and which one of the five Hauser Diet® Types is most ideal for your individual physiology.*

(*We often perform additional tests for optimal assessment.)


 The 5 Hauser Diet Types:

Lion Diet Type®: 60% Protein, 25% Fat, 15% Carbohydrates

-High protein and fat/ Low carbohydrate diet

Otter Diet Type®: 50% Protein, 25% Fat, 25% Carbohydrates

-Modified high protein and fat/ Low carbohydrate diet

Bear Diet Type®: 30% Protein, 20% Fat, 50% Carbohydrates

-Balanced diet

Monkey Diet Type®: 20% Protein, 15% Fat, 65% Carbohydrates

-Low fat and moderate protein/ High carbohydrate diet

Giraffe Diet Type®: 10% Protein, 10% Fat, 80% Carbohydrates

-Low fat/ vegetarian diet

Is food causing “bad” inflammation in your body?

A food allergy/sensitivity panel checks for any “delayed” allergic reactions your body may have against certain foods. When we eat allergenic foods, our immune cells produce antibodies, which are like little torpedoes. The antibodies try to destroy the invading substance. If the offending food is eaten often throughout the day, you can understand how the body will act as if it is under a continued “attack,” hence, keeping the body in a state of chronic systemic inflammation. A war is literally waging inside your body against the very food you ate to nourish yourself. Commonly, food allergies or sensitivities to dairy, wheat, and eggs are the culprit. We test either 95 or 190 foods in our food sensitivity panels. From these results, we can more specifically tweak your diet. In addition to eating allergenic/sensitive foods, eating foods that contain chemicals, dyes, and hydrogenated fats also contribute to bad systemic inflammation. Thus we recommend the following to get you on the road to healthy eating.

Tips for Healthy Eating:

• Consume whole, unprocessed foods, such as fresh meat and produce.

Eating fresh foods is one of the keys to preventing the diseases of aging.

Eating fresh foods is one of the keys to preventing the diseases of aging.

• Learn how to cook from scratch!

• Eliminate fast foods, frozen, processed or pre-made canned/boxed food products.

• Consume multiple servings of deeply colored vegetables every day!

• Fruit is NOT equal to vegetables. For Lions and Otters fruit is too high in sugar.

• Consume “good” fats such as olive oil, nuts/nut butter, avocado, fish oil, coconut oil.

• Eliminate “bad” fats such as margarine, fried foods, shortening/trans fats, hydrogenated fats/oils.

• Eliminate sweets and excessive sugar, including beverages like soda, diet soda, and alcohol, and desserts.

• Stay hydrated with purified water. Drink before you start to feel thirsty.

Read the book Hauser Diet: A Fresh Look At Healthy Living

Knowing your Hauser Diet Type can have profound effects on your ability to heal during Prolotherapy, and your overall health. To read more about The Hauser Diet® and Diet Typing, please read our book: The Hauser Diet: A Fresh Look at Healthy Living! by Marion A. Hauser, MS, RD; Nicole M. Baird, CHFP.

We feel that everyone should know their individual Diet Type so you can know how to fuel your body best. Not only will eating right help you heal, but it will help prevent disease, normalize weight, and maximize energy! Remember, YOU are worth it! If you don’t take care of your body, nobody else can do it for you!

Available at or at our Caring Medical office, you will find much more detailed discussion on how to eat right for your specific Hauser Diet Type. Chapter 9 includes many recipes and ideas for how to tweak recipes for your type.

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