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Posted on: February 10th, 2014

Hip osteoarthritis treatment options

Danielle R. Steilen, MMS, PA-C

Knee Pain Relief with Prolotherapy

Hip osteoarthritis treatment options . Prolotherapy helps patient avoid hip replacement surgery

“I’ll admit I was skeptical when the doctor said he could fix my hip so I wouldn’t need a total hip replacement,” Jack told us with a big grin on his face. “The orthopedic surgeon said I needed a new hip and there was absolutely no other alternative!” Jack, a 59-year-old auto mechanic, was exuberant as he showed up for his seventh and last Prolotherapy treatment today. “I tell everybody I know about my amazing results and they just can’t believe it, but I’m living proof! I feel 20 years younger!”

Hip osteoarthritis treatment options

As amazing as this story is, it is something we hear every day at Caring Medical. We see about 4,000 patients every year. These are people who have had accidents, sports injuries, or have just over-used their limbs through work or the sports they love. They are people who are suffering from chronic pain…pain that has continued for six months or more. Sadly, some patients have lived with pain for dozens of years.

Prolotherapy at Caring Medical is often the last resort for patients after a long journey of failed solutions including surgery, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic adjustment, cortisone shots, prescription pain killers, over the counter anti-inflammatories, massage therapy, yoga and treatments that shocked even our experienced clinical staff. By the time most people reach this level of chronic pain, specialized care and treatment is necessary. Caring Medical offers this specialization for hip osteoarthritis treatment options with Prolotherapy.  

Hip osteoarthritis treatment options include Prolotherapy

Jack had experienced a dull pain in his hip for about five years before coming to our office. His pain level had grown to 7 out of 10 with 10 being the worst ever. He spent most of the day on his feet and by the time he returned home he was in too much pain to ride his motorcycle or even go for a bicycle ride. Sadly, Jack said he couldn’t even reach down to put his socks on! He finally went to an orthopedic surgeon and had an MRI. The orthopedic said he had “well developed” bone on bone hip osteoarthritis …the only solution was a total hip replacement.

At his first visit Jack was told that with eight to 12 treatments of dextrose Prolotherapy he could experience at least 80% improvement and avoid surgery. The treatments would be spread four to six weeks apart to allow his ligaments to heal naturally. PRP and Stem Cell Prolotherapy were discussed as alternatives; however, Jack experienced healing without having to use the big guns of Prolotherapy.

Prolotherapy’s unique medical technique

Prolotherapy is a specialized medical technique that stimulates the body’s own healing mechanism to strengthen and tighten ligaments that stabilize joints like the hip, knee, shoulder and more. These ligaments become lax or weakened through overuse or injury. They don’t heal completely on their own because the blood flow to these areas is normally weak. Moreover, through the use of anti-inflammatories, prescription painkillers, ice, rest and even cortisone shots, the blood flow is weakened further.

When cells in our body are injured, they break open and release basically fat and sugar. This release triggers an inflammatory reaction that signals the immune system to increase the blood flow. Prolotherapy is a series of injections of a dextrose solution with fatty acids that replicates the 911 call to our immune system. It precipitates a mild inflammatory reaction that dramatically increases the blood flow and causes healing over a period of a few months. Arthritis is halted…cartilage is regenerated and chronic pain is greatly reduced or eliminated permanently.

Prolotherapy success for hip osteoarthritis

Besides eliminating his pain, Jack can get through his days at work without with ease and has returned to the sports he loves. He is playing tennis again after a five year pain hiatus. He is riding his motorcycle and noticed his stance is much wider thanks to Prolotherapy. Besides keeping his appointments regularly, Jack improved his diet and exercised regularly. He also supplemented his Prolotherapy with Prolo Max and Prolo support Pack, nutritional supplements formulated by Dr. Hauser to reinforce the work of Prolotherapy. Jack is a model patient and the results speak for themselves.

Caring Medical for your hip osteoarthritis treatment

Perhaps you or a loved one is suffering from chronic pain that has prevented you from the activities you love. Maybe you have been told you need a total joint replacement or simply surgery. Have you been told there are no other options? Have you or a friend ridden the roller coaster of failed hopes from solutions that bombed? Maybe you have even had surgery that didn’t resolve your pain. Our motto at Caring Medical is “Hope Practiced Here”. We have been giving hope and relief longer than any other Prolotherapy practice in the world.

If you suffer from chronic pain, have multiple body parts that are injured or require conscious sedation, PRP or Stem Cell Prolotherapy then Caring Medical in suburban Chicago is your best hope. Every day we see patients from other states and countries as far away as the Middle East, Africa and Europe.

If you have questions we welcome your calls or emails. Prolotherapy is a proven successful treatment backed up by thousands of success stories like Jack’s and official clinical trials. Call Caring Medical today at (708) 848-7789


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