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Posted on: February 25th, 2014

Meniscus repair with platelet rich plasma therapy

Spinal Fusion

Meniscus repair with platelet rich plasma therapy, Prolotherapy and PRP News from Caring Medical.

Jim came to Caring Medical because of chronic pain in his right knee. Jim had problems with both of his knees for a number of years, and had knee replacement surgery on his left knee about two years ago. An MRI of his right knee revealed a meniscal tear. Jim’s symptoms consisted of a constant, dull achy pain over the entire right knee, with most of the pain at the medial aspect (inside) of his kneecap. He said his knee felt weak, and at times the knee was stiff at night after working all day.

When Dr. Ross Hauser examined Jim’s right knee, he noted tenderness in the medial patella as well as in the patellar tendon. He noted crepitation with movement of the knee. There was a positive anterior drawer test, which indicates damage to the cruciate ligaments in the knee. Another test also indicated a tear to the meniscus.  Interestingly most of Jims’ pain was located medially. Dr. Hauser recommended Jim to get his knee meniscal tear treated with platelet rich plasma.

Meniscus repair with platelet rich plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy works especially well for meniscus repair. The concentrated platelets placed at the site of the meniscal tear, release a bunch of growth factors which will stimulate healing of the tear. The growth factors in the PRP will cause a proliferation and regeneration of the injured tissue. It boosts fibroblastic events involved in tissue healing causing these tears to heal.

PRP is performed similarly to Prolotherapy treatments. The only difference being the collection of a sample of the patients own blood, from which we separate the platelet rich plasma utilizing a special centrifuge. The Caring Medical prolotherapists will inject the PRP to the injured sites such as the meniscal tear in Jim’s knee. They will also use Comprehensive Prolotherapy to address the other weakened and damaged ligaments, such as those causing the crepitation of the knee and the positive anterior drawer test.

Knee Meniscal Tear Treated with Platelet Rich Plasma

Jim noticed immediate improvement in his Knee Pain with the initial PRP and after the treatment went on a five day skiing trip. Jim was ecstatic that he was able to ski, but by the end of the trip he was feeling some pain in his knee.  Jim had been instructed to avoid all but mild exercises, as well as any activity that would cause sharp pain in the knee. It was not surprising then, that he experienced some pain after such strenuous activity as skiing soon after his treatment. Jim obviously did too much exercise too soon after his treatment. It is important to move the joint after treatment, but with exercise of a more mild intensity. Strenuous exercise, such as skiing immediately after the initial treatment, is bad for the healing process. Jim was then advised to ride a stationary or recumbent bike, which would be more of an appropriate exercise after PRP, until further instructed.

Over the next 4 months, Jim received three additional treatments. We didn’t see him again until another six months had passed. Jim said he stayed very active over the summer and maintained at least 75% improvement in his knee. Even though Jim exercised more intensely then advised, he still maintained a high percentage of recovery. He received another PRP treatment, from which we would expect continued improvement and boosting of the healing process already begun in his right knee.

Platelet Rich Plasma is a very successful form of treatment for meniscal tears. If you have a tear to the meniscus, we would be more than happy to help you. Please give us a call at 708-848-7789 or - 

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