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Treatment of Ankle Fusion Pain

What is ankle fusion surgery?

Ankle fusion is a type of surgery used to relieve ankle pain due to damage to the ankle joints or the tendons surrounding it. It is commonly suggested for a degenerative ankle joint. For many years, surgeons have considered an ankle fusion to be the permanent solution for advanced degenerative arthritis of the ankle joint.

How is ankle fusion surgery performed?

An ankle fusion makes the tibia, or shinbone, grow together with the talus, the bone immediately under it. During surgery, a cut is made on each side of the ankle, with the inner cut about 1 to 1.5 inches (3 to 4 cm) long and the outer one about 4 inches (10 cm) long. The bony bumps on either side of the ankle, called the malleoli, are removed to allow the surgeon to get into the joint. The joint is opened up, the joint surfaces removed and, if necessary, reshaped to correct a deformity. The joint is then put in the correct place and fixed with two or three screws. It is usually necessary to add extra bone into an ankle fusion to get it to heal and to fill any gaps in the fusion left by correcting a deformity.

Ankle fusion recovery:

Although an ankle fusion is quite durable and patients can usually walk with a near-normal gait, pain is often experienced in the area after surgery. In fact, most physicians who perform this surgery will usually tell patients to expect pain afterward.

Traditional approach to treating Post Ankle Fusion Pain

Traditional medicine continues to search for drugs, devices and surgical procedures to eliminate chronic pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs have become a billion dollar business. While the drugs may provide temporary relief, they do nothing to correct the underlying condition causing the pain. In fact, in the long run, these medications do more damage than good.

Another common pain treatment is a cortisone shot. It’s also one of the quickest ways to lose strength at the ligament-bone (fibro-osseous) junction. Cortisone and other steroid shots have adverse affects on bone, cartilage and soft tissue healing. Unfortunately, many people suffering from chronic pain look for quick relief without thinking about the long-term, potentially harmful side effects that could occur. The problem with cortisone is that, although immediate pain relief is possible, it inhibits nearly every aspect of healing, making the pain condition even worse!

In simple terms, anti-inflammatory drugs and cortisone shots are anti-healing. They result in long-term loss of function and even more chronic pain by actually inhibiting the healing process of soft tissues and accelerating cartilage degeneration. Plus, long-term use of these drugs can lead to other sources of chronic pain, allergies, leaky gut syndrome and other serious side effects.

Prolotherapy stimulates repair to treat ankle fusion pain

A better approach, in our opinion, to alleviating ankle fusion pain is to stimulate soft tissue, ligament and cartilage repair with Prolotherapy. A visit to Caring Medical includes a thorough assessment of the source of pain by our Prolotherapy specialists. After a physical examination of the ankle fusion, they can identify the source of pain and focus Prolotherapy injections on that area. Chronic pain is most commonly due to tendon and ligament weakness or cartilage deterioration. The safest and most effective natural medicine treatment for repairing tendon, ligament and cartilage damage is Prolotherapy.


Think Prolotherapy may be for you? Call us!

Schedule a consultation via email or call us at 708-393-8266, and tell us more about your case to determine if you are a good candidate for Comprehensive Prolotherapy. Caring Medical is a leader in Prolotherapy, Stem Cell therapy, and Platelet Rich Plasma, with offices in Chicago land and Southwest Florida, servicing patients from around the globe. Our Prolotherapy practitioners, Dr. Ross Hauser, PA Danielle Steilen, or Dr. Timothy Speciale, would be happy to help you achieve the pain-free life you desire. The difference is in the care, technique, and experience you get with the team at Caring Medical.

The Prolotherapy treatment regimens suggested here are based on the experience of Caring Medical, and are provided for informational purposes only. They do not apply to every case or condition. A person using these recommendations without the aid of a personal physician does so at their own risk. It is essential to have your condition evaluated by your own healthcare provider. For a consultation with one of our specialists, please make an appointment.

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