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Treatment of Groin Pain in Men

Groin pain refers to pain in the area where the abdomen ends and the inner, upper thigh begins. For males, the terms “groin” and “testicle” are sometimes used interchangeably. When referring to testicular pain, the pain generally radiates into or from the scrotum or the testicles within the scrotum. Although testicle pain and groin pain are different, a testicle condition can sometimes cause pain that spreads to the groin area. However, the cause of groin pain and the cause of testicular pain are not necessarily the same thing. Groin pain is also referred to as lower abdominal pain, genital pain and perineal pain. Sports injuries as a result of activities such as ice hockey, cross-country skiing and soccer are a common cause of groin pain in men, as are work-related activities and motor vehicle accidents.

What causes groin pain in men?

Groin pain is most commonly caused by ligament injury or weakness, and is especially common in athletes in various sports. Groin pain can be acute, and occur immediately after an injury, or it can be more chronic, and worsen over time.

Although less common, groin pain in men can also be due to enlarged lymph glands, inflammation of the epididymis, a hernia, inflammation of the large or small intestine, kidney stones, a tumor, muscle strain, testicular torsion, an infection, and other abnormal processes.

Groin pain can also be due to a problem in another area such as the hip. Referral pain to the groin from the hip is often caused by lax hip ligaments, called the iliolumbar ligaments. The referral patterns of the iliolumbar ligaments are to the groin, testicles, and inner thigh. Groin pain may also be caused by ligament laxity in the pubic symphysis. The pubic symphysis is often overlooked because some physicians are not familiar with the ligament referral patterns from the pubic symphysis.

Prolotherapy for groin pain in men

This is a common condition that we treat at Caring Medical. Instead of a regimen of traditional recommendation of rest, discontinuing sports, or taking anti-inflammatory or narcotic medications in order to continue sports, or using other treatments that do not promote a more beneficial treatment would be to repair the ligament damage using regenerative injection treatment- Prolotherapy.

Iliolumbar.ligament.injectionUnresolved chronic groin pain in men most often involve ligament laxity of the hip iliolumbar ligaments and the ligaments of the pubic symphysis joint, strengthening of these areas with Prolotherapy may be necessary. Along with the individual’s description of the injury and the pain referral pattern, the Prolotherapy specialist will examine the areas with palpation to find the tender areas and the involved ligaments. In more severe cases, the entire pelvic floor is involved. For instance, the sacroiliac joint at the back of the pelvic bone may need treatment. Oftentimes, laxity or weakness in one area of the pelvis implies laxity or weakness in the other. It should also be noted that Prolotherapy treatments in this area may also relieve unresolved back, abdominal or inner leg pain, because they are part of the referral pain pattern of the ligaments involved.

Prolotherapy stimulates the repair of connective tissues. In the case of unresolved groin pain, Prolotherapy can help heal injured ligaments that may be referring pain to the groin. It works by initiating a mild inflammatory response in the treated area (i.e. the iliolumbar ligament), which attracts immune cells to heal the structure(s) in that area. These cells are natural reparative cells, which will stimulate regeneration and repair of the weakened ligaments. Once the ligaments are strengthened, the referral pain will stop, and the groin pain goes away.

Think Prolotherapy may be for you? Call us!

Schedule a consultation via email or call us at 708-393-8266, and tell us more about your case to determine if you are a good candidate for Comprehensive Prolotherapy. Caring Medical is a leader in Prolotherapy, Stem Cell therapy, and Platelet Rich Plasma, with offices in Chicago land and Southwest Florida, servicing patients from around the globe. Our Prolotherapy practitioners, Dr. Ross Hauser, PA Danielle Steilen, or Dr. Timothy Speciale, would be happy to help you achieve the pain-free life you desire. The difference is in the care, technique, and experience you get with the team at Caring Medical.

The Prolotherapy treatment regimens suggested here are based on the experience of Caring Medical, and are provided for informational purposes only. They do not apply to every case or condition. A person using these recommendations without the aid of a personal physician does so at their own risk. It is essential to have your condition evaluated by your own healthcare provider. For a consultation with one of our specialists, please make an appointment.

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