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Treatment of Iliolumbar syndrome as cause of low back pain

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Iliolumbar syndrome, also known as iliac crest pain syndrome, involves an inflammation or tear of the iliolumbar ligament. This ligament extends from the spine to the iliac crest, which is the back of the pelvis. It can lead to referred pain in the groin, the pelvis, the hip, the back and even the testicular, vaginal and rectal areas.

How does iliolumbar syndrome develop?

Injury to the iliolumbar ligament occurs either through repeated bending and twisting, as in a sport like golf or volleyball. Trauma, such as a car accident, can also cause iliolumbar syndrome.

What are the symptoms of iliolumbar syndrome?

Symptoms of iliolumbar syndrome include recurrent attacks of acute low back pain in the area referred to as the “multifidus triangle” – the facet joints, erector spinae muscles, lumbar fascia, quadratus lumborum and the iliolumbar ligaments. Painful attacks are often brought on by physical exercise involving bending and twisting of the lumbar spine. Some individuals complain of pain only after prolonged sitting or standing or for a brief period in the morning after getting out of bed. Pain may also be experienced in the hip or groin area. The area involved may be tender as well.

Finding the best treatment for your Iliolumbar Syndrome

Since iliolumbar syndrome usually involves pain in the low back, hip and/or groin or pelvic area, the pain is typically acknowledged as muscle strain and would be treated with ice and rest. In addition to inhibiting healing, this treatment method does nothing to repair the weak and/or injured ligaments that are referring pain to these areas and, thus, does not alleviate the chronic pain that people with iliolumbar syndrome experience.

Another standard practice of modern medicine is the use of steroids and anti-inflammatory medications. However, in the long run, these treatments do more damage than good. Although cortisone shots and anti-inflammatory drugs have been shown to produce short-term pain benefit, both result in long-term loss of function and even more chronic pain by actually inhibiting the healing process of soft tissues and accelerating cartilage degeneration. Plus, long-term use of these drugs can lead to other sources of chronic pain, allergies and leaky gut syndrome.

And finally, when all else fails, patients who experience chronic pain are usually referred to a surgeon. Unfortunately, surgery often makes the problem worse. Surgeons will use x-ray technology as a diagnostic tool, which does not always properly diagnose the pain source. And, in the case of iliolumbar syndrome, surgery will do absolutely nothing to remedy the pain. Patients who undergo surgery to relieve chronic pain in these areas are often told they will have to “live with it” when the pain does not abate!

Our approach to Iliolumbar Syndrome

Since unresolved chronic groin, low back and hip pain problems (as well as pelvic, rectal, testicular and vaginal pain of unknown origin) most often involve weakness of or injury to the iliolumbar ligament, a better approach is to strengthen this ligament with Prolotherapy.

Chronic pain is most commonly due to tendon weakness, ligament weakness, as is the case with chronic groin pain, or cartilage deterioration. The safest and most effective natural medicine treatment for repairing tendon, ligament and cartilage damage is Prolotherapy. In simple terms, Prolotherapy stimulates the body to repair painful areas. It does so by inducing a mild inflammatory reaction in the weakened ligaments and cartilage. Since the body heals by inflammation, Prolotherapy stimulates healing.

Prolotherapy offers the most curative results in treating chronic pain. It effectively eliminates pain because it attacks the source: the fibro-osseous junction, an area rich in sensory nerves. What’s more, the tissue strengthening and pain relief stimulated by Prolotherapy is permanent!

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