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Treatment of Shoulder Pain


Shoulder pain treatment

Many conditions can cause chronic shoulder pain, such as rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder, osteoarthritis, impingement, and joint instability.

Shoulder injuries, such as falls onto an outstretched hand, dislocations, or direct blows to the shoulder can cause damage both to the joint itself and the surrounding structures (i.e. ligaments and tendons). When these injuries don’t heal properly, patients can develop chronic shoulder pain that doesn’t seem to go away despite various methods of treatment. This is where Comprehensive Prolotherapy is beneficial. Comprehensive Prolotherapy incorporates various treatments to include Stem Cell Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, and Dextrose Prolotherapy. These are injection techniques used to stimulate the repair of injured tissue and cure chronic pain. Most chronic shoulder pain is due to osteoarthritis, which is a result of underlying joint instability. If not treated properly, joint instability can accelerate the arthritic process and cause continual deterioration of cartilage and bone spur development as we age.

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Shoulder pain case from Abu Dhabi

We see patients from all corners of the earth. These patients feel that their health and quality of life can be improved by whatever journey they have to take to get to our office, and more than 90% of the time it is. They have decided to take matters into their own hands and seek out the care from experts in the field. They have done the research and because they want to go to a clinic that specializes in tough cases, they choose us. We are honored and humbled by the distances our patients travel for our services. Patients enjoy the large maps in each office with pins showing the various places that other patients travel from to be treated in our clinics. Still, surprisingly enough, we receive inquiries from potential patients who live within a 2 hour drive from either of our clinic locations asking, “Are there any closer locations?”  Whether it is a 20 minute drive or a 20 hour flight, we love that our patients choose us.

From Abu Dhabi, 7247 miles away, one patient felt the need to make a journey all the way to America just to receive a Prolotherapy consultation, let alone the treatment. This gentleman, in his early 40’s, came to us due to three chief pain complaints: pain in his right shoulder, left hip, and upper thoracic (upper back). This patient initially injured his shoulder back in 2011 while working out and was diagnosed with a shoulder labrum tear. His range of motion (ROM) was slightly impaired but he reported major discomfort with activity. Haj’s left hip had given him discomfort for a “long time” and clicked with certain movements. 90% of the time it gave him a pain he ranked 5.5/10 while resting and a 7/10 when raising his leg from a sitting position. He also reported feeling very stiff after sitting for a long periods of time, along with discomfort and clicking between the shoulder blades on his back. Prior treatments included aggressive chiropractic adjustments along with activator treatments once per week for a number of weeks for his condition with only temporary results.

After his first two Prolotherapy treatments (one month apart), his shoulder pain lessened and his ROM improved noticeably. The pain he used to receive from his hip from sitting and resting was subsiding and the reported clicking was present only “very few times.” The upper thoracic pain was the most improved area with less cracking and very little pain present anymore, with a near 100% improvement level after receiving comprehensive dextrose Prolotherapy in conjunction with stem cell Prolotherapy.

On his third visit the patient also decided to get his right foot treated for a lateral hyperextension and clicking in the toes. This too improved quickly after Prolotherapy treatments. By the next visit, the patient reported a 50% overall improvement in his back pain, a 70% improvement in his shoulder pain and full range of motion, and an 80% improvement in hip pain. Over the span of three months, the patient was in about a 70% better overall condition. With his most recent visit, he reported feeling 90% better in all the areas treated with Prolotherapy. He has very limited shoulder clicking and has a full range of motion. Prior to his last Prolotherapy treatment he went for a run and was surprised to realize that he had run 8 miles without feeling pain.

Prolotherapy Changes Lives

The overall quality of  this patient’s life was substantially improved with the aid of dextrose, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, and stem cell Prolotherapy treatments. He went from being in pain from simply raising his arm to being able to reach behind his back with no pain; from heavy migraines to headache free; from back pain and clicking to almost no back pain at all. In daily life, he went from a constant pain-stricken traveling investment manager to a man who can finally enjoy his job, family, exercising, and free time more fully. He has referred a number of patients to Caring Medical who have also traveled from Abu Dhabi to receive successful pain relief.


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