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Thanks for your interest in our office. Having done Prolotherapy since 1993, and a love for writing and sharing information with our patients, we have several years of archived articles on Prolotherapy and Natural Medicine. Whether its scientific research articles, patient case studies, or commentary on the latest medical news, we are continuously publishing new material and would love to share it with you!  Sign up for our Prolotherapy E-newsletter and read our blogs, which are both free.

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Learn more about what we do, share your stories, and stay up to date on Prolotherapy on the main Caring Medical Facebook page and the Southwest Florida Caring Medical Facebook page. Or check it ALL out on Twitter, or Google+.

Prolotherapy videos and much more!

Watch our videos on Youtube, by checking out and subscribing to our Youtube channel. We post videos about Prolotherapy, Stem Cell therapy, the various conditions that we treat here, and more. We hope you find them educational and helpful for your condition. If you have an idea for a Prolotherapy video, or a specific condition, we’d love to hear it.

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Check out our monthly articles in Southwest Florida’s Health and Wellness Magazine as well as Dr. Ross and Marion Hauser’s weekly Doctor and Dietitian column in the Island Sun and River Weekly. We cover various chronic pain topics for the local coastal communities.

 The Journal of Prolotherapy

Dr. Hauser is Editor-In-Chief of the Journal of Prolotherapy, a medical journal dedicated to educating the world about the life-changing effects of Prolotherapy. The journal is completely open access to both doctors and patients.

Books we’ve written

As you have probably learned, our passion is treating chronic pain and sports injuries with comprehensive Prolotherapy. In conjunction with Prolotherapy, we founded the Hauser Diet Natural Medicine Program to maximize wellness and healing, as well as for those interested in optimizing weight and better energy. What you may not know is our Prolotherapy physician, Ross Hauser, MD, along with Marion Hauser, MS, RD have written numerous books on Prolotherapy, as well as The Hauser Diet: A Fresh Look at Healthy Living!

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