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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Caring Medical Florida. We utilize the highly successful regenerative injection method, H3 Prolotherapy, for chronic pain, sports injuries, and arthritis. In this section, we have outlined more about who we are, our procedures, our research, and our 30+ year history of helping to restore lives and building better pain medicine.

Our #1 goal at Caring Medical Florida is to provide you with a comprehensive, individualized treatment program that will stimulate your body to heal so that you can get back to living a full and active life! No need to continue to take long-term pain medications, receive steroid shots, or undergo unnecessary surgeries! Chronic pain, uncontrolled cartilage degeneration, or a nagging injury does not need to hold you back from what you want to do in life. Let us prove that to you!

As leaders in the field of Regenerative Medicine, we provide unparalleled treatment programs that may include any of the following:

We combine these comprehensive treatments programs that may be individualized for lifestyle factors that include exercise prescriptions, nutrition, stress management, and spiritual and emotional healing components. Healing is not a spectator sport! Our most successful patients take an active role in their healing. We are on your team! As a team, curative results are possible!

Over 30 years of dedicated patient care

Caring Medical was established in 1991 by Medical Director, Ross Hauser, MD, and CEO, Marion Hauser, MS, RD, and has developed into one of the largest non-surgical chronic pain clinics in the United States, located in sunny Fort Myers, Florida.

Marion & Ross Hauser

Marion Boomer-Hauser, MS, RD, CEO & Ross Hauser, MD, Medical Director

Where the world comes for Prolotherapy!®

We have been blessed to treat patients who travel from all over the globe, to our center in Fort Myers, Florida, including all of the US states, as well as Europe, UK, Africa, Australia, South and Central America, and beyond! Our patients love “pinning” the location from which they have traveled on our Caring Medical map! While it may be a new concept to some folks to travel for healthcare, because what we do is so unique, patients are not necessarily able to find a suitable Comprehensive Prolotherapy and stem cell therapy center in their backyard. You can hear from patients who have been helped by Prolotherapy here.

Thinking about traveling to our clinic but want to talk with someone first? Call or email our team and let’s talk about solutions to your pain problem! The more we know about your case ahead of time, the more you and our team will be assured that you are coming to the right place for your condition. If you need help for debilitating chronic pain and want to stay/get off pain medication and avoid surgery and hospital visits at all costs, call us! If you are tired of providers not listening to you, not believing you, or telling you they don’t know what else to do for you, call us!

Why H3 Prolotherapy?

The H3 technique is not only an effective treatment but also cost-effective for the patient, especially compared to surgery and cycling through rounds of other symptomatic relief-only treatments, including less aggressive techniques of Prolotherapy.

As with any medical procedure, technique matters. Prolotherapy is what we do full time and we have taken on some of the toughest pain cases and complex body areas to treat. We have always respected our Prolotherapy roots, while bringing on proven advancements, like Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma solutions, in appropriate cases. No matter how fancy the solution, we focus on whole joint care.

The founder of Prolotherapy, George S. Hackett, M.D. taught the technique to Gustav Hemwall, M.D. in the mid-1950s. Dr. Hemwall, the main teacher of Prolotherapy from 1970 to 1998 passed on his knowledge to young physicians, including his apprentice, Ross Hauser, M.D. Dr. Hauser has been carrying on the Prolotherapy legacy since 1993, perfecting the technique and expanding its use to many different painful conditions. Together with the talents of Danielle Steilen-Matias, MMS, PA-C, they have an incredible armamentarium of experience to utilize. This is why so many people come to Caring Medical – experience! Read more about the awesome history of H3 Prolotherapy here.

Expertise: Caring Medical has published over 30 scientific articles and 8 books on its success utilizing our comprehensive Prolotherapy technique to resolve the pain of such conditions as degenerative disc disease, joint osteoarthritis, migraine headaches, nerve entrapments, tennis and golf injuries, labral tears, and a host of other conditions.

To date, we have the best-published results resolving the chronic pain of end-stage osteoarthritis. Utilizing bone marrow from the tibia as the proliferant (Prolotherapy solution), all patients were not only able to regain their mobility but also restore their exercise ability.

Our protocols are designed for a patient’s long-term gains in  function and resolution of symptoms- not just a temporary band-aid

We treat patients until three criteria are met:

  1. Functional Goal has been met: This means that our patients’ exercise and activity goals are met. If a patient wants to get back to marathon running, we get the patient back to marathon running. If the patient’s desire is to not get a knee replacement and play pickleball, we treat the patient until he/she is playing pickleball with his/her own knees!
  2. 90+% of symptoms are resolved at full activity. We consider a patient who is back to full activities and has 90% symptom relief, one happy patient! We are all getting older and a little stiffness, especially after exercise, is expected. But not pain!
  3. Ultrasound and/or Digital Motion X-ray show the instability has improved to an acceptable level. Ultrasound and Motion x-rays can document that tissues are healing and the instability is resolving. We use musculoskeletal ultrasound and Digital Motion X-ray (DMX) in our office to visualize tendon and ligament tears, as well as joint instabilities, and subsequently monitor progress upon each visit. Once a patient is back to full activity with minimal symptoms and the ultrasound or motion x-rays show regeneration of the injured structures, the patient can “graduate” from Prolotherapy. Yes, you read that correctly. We want our patients to go on and have a nice life, not have to sign up for 30+ ongoing therapy sessions, prescription refill visits, etc. Pain management shouldn’t be a lifestyle!

We are a results-oriented clinic.

We provide you with an accurate prognosis with Regenerative Medicine on the first visit. 

The staff at Caring Medical whole-heartedly believes in the commission to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Therefore, we aim to find the right solution that requires the minimum number of treatments for maximum success. If you are not a good candidate for our treatments, we will let you know and do our best to make appropriate referrals/recommendations for you. But most people with musculoskeletal pain are good or excellent candidates, even advanced or full-body cases.

We document the cause of the problem, joint instability, with Ultrasound and DMX.

Most patients, and even their healthcare providers, are unaware of the true diagnoses that lead to the pain/injury: destructive joint motions caused by ligament injury. We combine physical examination techniques as well as motion imaging to document the excessive, abnormal, destructive joint motions. 2mm, 1mm or even fractions of a millimeter can produce excessive motion leading to joint instability. These excessive motions can be documented by motion technology such as ultrasound and Digital Motion X-Ray. Our patients appreciate this and their eyes become wide-opened when they see their own joint instability! Patients are often shocked to see that they have joint instability even though they have been told they are bone-on-bone arthritis and their joint feels stiff. As discussed above, we also utilize these technologies to measure the treatment progress which goes hand in hand with improvements in functional abilities.

We address nerve entrapments.

Yes, nerves can be released and regenerated without surgery! All pain has a nerve component because you only experience pain because the pain impulses are carried and experienced by nerve transmission. Small, as well as large nerves, can become compressed, entrapped or excessively stretched when muscles and facial layers tighten in response to joint instability. Caring Medical’s amazing providers have developed ultrasound-guided nerve release and regeneration treatments that often produce immediate pain relief. This highly technical and effective treatment known as Nerve Release and Regeneration Injection Therapy  (NRRIT) is performed right in the office. It is often performed in conjunction with Prolotherapy, Lyftogt perineural injection therapy, or other modalities that stimulate long-term joint instability correction that caused the nerve to get pinched. This powerful combination has produced fantastic results!

We help patients with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and other genetic hypermobility disorders, alleviate joint hypermobility and neurological symptoms and syndromes.

Our providers have a special interest in treating patients with these conditions and are very successful at helping patients lead very normal lives using a wide array of regenerative medicine treatment modalities at Caring Medical. No need to continue to feel hopeless with the potential to end up in a wheelchair!

We help patients who want to avoid joint replacement surgery.

Over the course of our three decades in practice, we have figured out which patients we can help and which ones we cannot. We have a 90% success rate on patients who are excellent Prolotherapy candidates not need joint replacements, even in patients who have already been told by his/her orthopedists that they need one. This has been one of the most exciting parts of our practice and we have dedicated a good chunk of our Prolotherapy research to reporting on and examining these cases closer. If Prolotherapy even with stem cells is not going to work for you, we tell you on the first visit. We want you to get better and, if we think the chances are great for getting you better with our treatment protocols, we will tell you. If not, we will tell you that also and make the best recommendation for your next step that we can.

We resolve spinal instability so that spinal fusions are avoided, and help post-fusion pain too.

Cervical and lumbar fusion surgeries are on the rise! Patients are getting these surgeries at much younger ages as well. People do not know what else to do, so they agree to these surgeries which lead to complications and additional future surgeries. YET, many patients come to Caring Medical not wanting a cervical or lumbar fusion. We have been able to save many patients from these surgeries and help them return to normal function.

Ross & Marion BikingWe are Prolotherapy patients.

We believe in Prolotherapy in large part because Prolotherapy has cured our own painful injuries! Among our team are runners, cyclists, power walkers, swimmers, tennis players, triathletes, weightlifters, kayakers, hikers, moms & dads who have all benefited from the healing power of Prolotherapy. We know what you are going through. We know how it feels to be out with an injury, live with hypermobility syndrome, and have difficulty performing the simplest activities because of unbearable pain.

Hope Practiced Here®

Most of the staff at Caring Medical are long-term employees because of the gratification they receive seeing lives changed. One of the greatest rewards of providing patient care is to be part of restoring a person’s hope, health, happiness, and perhaps most of all, their faith! We know that pain and injury can be disabling to the patient, their loved ones and may appear hopeless. For three decades, Caring Medical has been committed to the statement, “Hope Practiced Here.” For we know better than anyone that no matter how bad it appears, no matter how many times people have said “you aren’t going to get better,” “it’s all in your head” or “you have to get surgery,” there is another way!

We believe the most cost-effective whole joint care available to resolve pain, arthritis, or sports injury, even in patients who have to fly in to receive treatment, is the comprehensive H3 Prolotherapy treatments given at Caring Medical. In our experience, we have seen that “all things are possible” and we hope and pray that you will continue to search for the cause of your condition. We believe that most of you will find that what we have written over these past couple of decades is true: Joint Instability is the missing diagnosis and has one primary treatment: Prolotherapy!

Prolotherapy Specialists

Ross Hauser, MD | Danielle Steilen-Matias, PA-C

The Caring Medical Team

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