Prolotherapy for Hip Pain

Are you looking for an alternative to hip surgery? We would love to help you discover if you are a good candidate for Prolotherapy, including the cellular forms known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapy. These regenerative treatments offer hope to those looking to eliminate hip pain from degenerative conditions including arthritis, labral tears, impingement, IT band syndrome, bursitis, and other conditions. Our specialists get to the root cause of the problem that often goes undiagnosed for years: hip joint instability due to ligament laxity. You do not have to live with nagging hip pain or live in fear of surgery! Caring Medical has outstanding patient results with our comprehensive and Prolotherapy treatment protocols, including patients who were told that hip surgery was their only option, as well as in patients who have received less complete forms of PRP or stem cell therapy elsewhere. Our unique approach to whole joint care has been sought by patients from around the world since 1993. Navigate through the sections below for lots of hip pain information or get help from our medical staff now.

Symptoms caused by Hip Instability

  • Aching pain while sitting or driving
  • Decreased range of motion
  • Gait abnormality/ waddling
  • Hip giving way or feeling of instability
  • Hip pain / stiffness/ soreness
  • Loss of motion
  • Loss of muscle strength
  • Muscle spasms
  • Need to pop the hip back in place
  • Referral pain into buttock or down the leg
  • Snapping sensation

These symptoms can be signs of the following hip pain conditions caused by hip instability that we commonly treat with Prolotherapy.

Chronic Conditions caused by Hip Instability

Snapping hip

Prolotherapy Treatment for Hip Pain

Most painful hip conditions begin with damage to the surrounding ligaments and progress into degenerative conditions that include hip osteoarthritis, labral degeneration, snapping hip syndrome, bone spurs, femoroacetabular impingement and more. This causes hip joint instability. Until the instability is addressed comprehensively, the joint will continue to degenerate due to the destructive joint motions. The only treatment that can repair the ligament laxity that is allowing destructive joint motions is Prolotherapy. Cortisone injections are routinely used in traditional medicine to cover up the pain temporarily and have degenerative effects that lead to early onset of osteoarthritis. Traditional treatments are not targeted to resolve the source of hip pain, which therefore leads to accelerated degeneration and the eventual need for hip replacement.

X-ray of a Normal Hip compared to a Steroid-Injected Hip

X-ray of a Normal Hip compared to a Steroid-Injected Hip

Right hip degeneration was accelerated in a patient following multiple steroid injections.

However, hip replacement surgery is fraught with problems from the need for revision and resurfacing to metal poisoning and many others. Staples or other attempts to secure tissue can leave it less pliable and at risk for further long-term damage. While there are times that surgery is needed for more advanced cases that have lost most range of hip motion and have extensive destruction of the joint integrity, Prolotherapy may be an option afterward for post-surgical pain relief and soft tissue repair. Even better is seeking a Prolotherapy evaluation for painful hip conditions before the joint destruction is out of control!

Hackett-Hemwall Prolotherapy is the original, more comprehensive regenerative injection treatment that targets the weakened ligaments that are causing hip joint instability and degeneration. They are also the real reason for underlying pain both in the hip and often referral pain in the legs or buttock. To properly correct the instability, it is not a one or two shot job. The injections need to be a strong enough solution and be done to the whole hip area. Our more comprehensive treatment techniques can safely and effectively eliminate hip pain, offering a much-needed alternative to hip surgery by stimulating the body to repair the supportive ligaments around the joint, as well as promoting cartilage regeneration.

Prolotherapy Regeneration of Hip Cartilage

Non-Surgical Hip Labral Tear Treatment with Prolotherapy

Before and after hip x-rays of a patient treated with Prolotherapy.

In our studies, we found Prolotherapy is an excellent option for alleviating chronic hip pain and the need for most hip surgeries. Cellular Prolotherapy is also an excellent option for more advanced hip arthritis and labral tears. Our team can determine if you sound like a good candidate for our clinics. Even if you have been recommended for surgery or have tried cortisone, PRP, or stem cell injection at other clinics that did not resolve the pain, we may very well be able to help you! Because we focus on whole joint care, treating both inside the joint and all the supporting structures, this approach is more comprehensive and may be better suited for your case.

Our Research on the use of Prolotherapy for Hip Pain

In our retrospective study on the use of Hackett-Hemwall dextrose Prolotherapy, patients who presented with over five years of unresolved hip pain were shown to improve their pain, stiffness, range of motion, and quality of life measures even 19 months subsequent to their last Prolotherapy session. The complete study and results can be read here: Hauser R, Hauser M. A Retrospective Study on Hackett-Hemwall Dextrose Prolotherapy for Chronic Hip Pain at an Outpatient Charity Clinic in Rural Illinois Journal of Prolotherapy. 2009;1(2):76-88.

Average pain level BEFORE Prolotherapy
Average pain level AFTER Prolotherapy

Pain scale is 1-10 where 1 = no pain & 10 = unrelenting pain.

We get patient satisfaction results. 98% of patients in this study felt that Prolotherapy changed their life for the better and 95% have since recommended Prolotherapy to someone else.

Our Research on the use of Prolotherapy for Hip Labral Tears

This study included 19 patients who presented at Caring Medical with chronic hip pain and an acetabular labrum tear. Patient-reported quantitative outcomes for pain at rest and with activity, stiffness, range of motion (ROM), crunching on a 0-10 rating scale all improved after treatment. Additionally, of the 11 patients who were taking pain pills prior to treatment, all were able to discontinue the use of pain pills post-treatment. The complete study and results can be read here: Hauser R, et al. Regenerative Injection Therapy (Prolotherapy) for Hip Labrum Lesions: Rationale and Retrospective Study. The Open Rehabilitation Journal. 2013;6:59-68.

Average pain level BEFORE Prolotherapy
Average pain level AFTER Prolotherapy

Pain scale is 0-10 where 0 = no pain & 10 = unrelenting pain.

Our other studies on regenerative treatment outcomes for hip pain

Patient Success Stories using Prolotherapy for Hip Pain

Unresolved Hip Instability

While doing side steps with a Thera-band attached to his ankles, VW felt a pull and a sharp pain from the hip down the inside of his leg. The hip/leg pain later spread to his back, making prolonged sitting or standing difficult and causing VW to walk with a limp. He saw an orthopedic surgeon who recommended hip replacement. Eventually, another orthopedist performed 3 microfracture surgeries with debridement, but those along with PT, and even a sports hernia repair failed to bring relief. When we saw VW, physical examination clearly showed significant hip instability that was never addressed. Five Prolotherapy treatments with PRP and Lipoaspirate to the hip and back, resulted in significant improvement in walking/standing duration, functioning and reduction of pain.


Even high-tech procedures, like microfracture surgery to stimulate cartilage repair, will not work in these types of cases. Addressing the underlying joint instability is always necessary for resolution of symptoms, and this can be accomplished with Prolotherapy.

Hip Impingement

Due to a history of groin pain, KB was treated for hip bursitis, but was eventually diagnosed with bilateral hip impingement and a right-sided labral tear per MRI. He sought Prolotherapy in lieu of arthroscopic exploratory surgery. KB described his pain as lateral as well as in the glut region. In addition, he noted a constant clunking sound in his hips, with increased pain upon movement. Bilateral hip instability was found upon physical exam. Three Platelet Rich Plasma Prolotherapy treatments were given, resulting in remarkable overall functional improvement, enabling KB to exercise without pain.


People are often misdiagnosed with bursitis when the true cause of pain and impingement is due to underlying hip instability. Prolotherapy effectively stabilizes the hip joint and repairs the associated labral tears and impingement.

Prolotherapy for Hip Pain after Hip Replacement

MS was an 82 year-old who walked with a cane due to continued pain after a hip replacement 10 years prior. Another surgery was recommended, but she declined. Instead, she sought Prolotherapy with the goal of staying mobile and continuing daily activities, like hospital visitations. She was also hopeful that the treatments would eliminate her pain enough to allow her to walk without using a cane. After only two Prolotherapy treatments, her function increased and pain decreased, allowing MS the ability to walk without a cane. Goals achieved!


Prolotherapy can successfully relieve post-joint replacement pain. Though, ideally, Prolotherapy is sought before the patient needs joint replacement surgery in the first place!

Comprehensive Prolotherapy for Hip Osteoarthritis

VI had been dealing with hip pain for 15 years prior to coming to Caring Medical and was now 72 years old. Her pain had started after she suffered a fall, but she was later diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both hips. VI had seen a Prolotherapist closer to her home prior to her first visit with Caring Medical, but had only received 1 injection into the joint. It provided very little pain relief. She sought Prolotherapy from Caring Medical for a more comprehensive technique. After 5 rounds of Comprehensive (Hackett-Hemwall) Prolotherapy with Platelet Rich Plasma to both hips, she was able to return to hiking and was no longer woken up by hip pain!


The body has tremendous healing capabilities when given the right tools and time. When it comes to aggressive osteoarthritis, one shot into the joint is typically not enough to stimulate enough repair to provide lasting pain relief. Comprehensive Prolotherapy is needed to properly address the joint instability that leads to osteoarthritis, as well as the cartilage loss and damage inside the joint.

Prolotherapy for Hip Labral Tear

Marcia developed pain in her hip as well as referred pain down her leg without known injury. She had an MRI done which showed a labral tear. A steroid injection offered a few weeks of relief before she started physical therapy. Marcia attempted steroid injections on 3 separate occasions before she was referred to Caring Medical. Her pain progressed to the point of interrupting her sleep as well as her daily activities. She would park close to her destinations to avoid putting weight on her leg for too long. Her hip pain was very disabling for an active 71-year-old. During her initial evaluation, she was deemed a good candidate who would likely need 4 to 6 treatments of standard H3 Prolotherapy to resolve her hip and leg pain. We discussed the possibility of treating the lumbar spine to resolve her leg pain if needed. After her first treatment, Marcia reported 80% improvement. She no longer felt the pain down her leg and no longer had pain keeping her awake every night. After the fourth treatment to her hip, Marcia graduated from Prolotherapy and was given a series of exercises to do at home to help with stability and muscle strengthening. She gives Prolotherapy an enthusiastic thumbs up!


Exercise alone is not enough to resolve the disabling pain of labral tears and hip instability. It is not a muscle problem, but a ligament one. The muscles can be strengthened more effectively when they can contract against a stable base, which is only done with Prolotherapy to tighten the ligaments and stabilize the joint motion.

Avoiding surgery for FAI

Vid, an active 21-year-old tennis player, was diagnosed with a hip labrum tear after more than a year of hip pain. Surgery was recommended by the consulting orthopedic in order to remove CAM FAI lesion, but Vid did not want to have surgery, unless necessary. His hip pain progressed to the point of struggling to walk or use stairs without severe pain. His range of motion was limited with flexion and he would experience sharp pain with lateral movements. When he presented to Caring Medical for an evaluation, it was determined that he was a good candidate for Prolotherapy in order to repair the hip labrum and resolve the hip joint instability. Prolotherapy would not resolve the bone deformity, but this was not the cause of his pain and limitations. It was explained to the patient that the deformity could cause reinjury of the labrum in the future. Vid received four rounds of comprehensive H3 Prolotherapy with Platelet Rich Plasma to his hip. He reported consistent improvement after each treatment. His activities were closely monitored during the course of treatment with him not playing tennis at the intensity as he normally would. When he returned for his fourth and final treatment, he had returned to full activity and was able to play tennis without pain!


Surgery is not always necessary for femoroacetabular impingement. In many cases, the underlying problem is actually hip instability which can typically resolve with Comprehensive PRP Prolotherapy.

Hip Labral Tear

SB received a cortisone injection after several months of left hip pain from a fall while running. In the few weeks of cortisone induced relief, SB continued running, during which she experienced a sharp pain down her leg. This pain along with burning and stiffness progressed to the point of making her desk job unbearable, returning SB to her orthopedist. A prescribed MRI revealed labral fraying. On the recommendation of a friend, SB sought out Prolotherapy. After 4 Dextrose Prolotherapy and 4 PRP treatments, SB’s symptoms were eliminated, enabling her to resume running pain-free.


Cortisone is extremely dangerous to use for chronic pain, because it covers up pain from an injured joint, leading to further injury such as a labral tear. Prolotherapy does not cover up pain, and the athlete can continue to exercise as the tissue strength returns.

More Information about Prolotherapy for Hip Pain

How well do you understand the cause of your hip pain?

Take the Joint Instability Quiz! This quiz covers how musculoskeletal pain develops and which important diagnosis is often missing when people are suffering from chronic pain.

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Books about Prolotherapy for Hip Pain

Prolo Your Pain Away!Read about treating hip pain with Prolotherapy in our free E-book, Prolo Your Pain Away! Curing Chronic Pain with Prolotherapy, 4th Edition. This edition explains all about Prolotherapy and how it is used to permanently alleviate pain from arthritis, sports injuries, and all types of chronic pain conditions! Plus, it takes an expanded look at the medical literature and patient studies on Regenerative Medicine: Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma, Stem Cell Therapy, and more!

Caring Medical: Utilizing dynamic testing to properly diagnose and identify the structures causing symptoms and degenerative conditions, and treating with comprehensive regenerative injection therapy, H3 Prolotherapy, and individualized joint rehabilitation protocols

You deserve the best possible results from your hip pain treatment. Let’s make this happen! Talk to our team about your case to find out if you are a good candidate.

For example, resume marathon training, return to college, walk my children to/from school, be able to perform my manual labor job full-time, etc… Functional goals would not be “to feel NORMAL” or “to feel BETTER” as these feelings differ greatly for each person who is suffering from a chronic condition. You could also list some objective ways by which you are measuring the success of the treatments you have already received or are looking to receive.

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