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If your questions are not answered in this section, please try the search box, or feel free to Contact Us directly. We want to make your trip to our clinic as smooth as possible. Thank you for your interest in coming to Caring Medical.

“Do You Have a Prolotherapy Brochure?”

Yes! thanks for asking! Download the Caring Medical Prolotherapy Brochure for a quick information reference and an easy way to recommend our treatments to a friend. (right-click to save)

“Do I need my X-rays, MRIs, EMGs, and old records?”

You can certainly bring any radiologic imaging that you have already had performed. If you do have imaging results, please bring a copy of the disc for us to keep on file, as well as the written report. It is not necessary have an MRI or other test prior to your appointment, unless you have been otherwise instructed to do so by your medical provider. Results of recent lab work, done within the last six months, may be brought to your visit, if you feel they are pertinent to your current condition.

“Do you do X-rays or other imaging there?” 

David Woznica UltrasoundIf your practitioner feels that additional visualization of your injury would be helpful in the outcome of your treatment, he or she will recommend a method that would be most useful for your specific case. Not all methods are equal, and depends on the injury and condition being treated. In both of our offices, we offer Musculoskeletal Ultrasound, which is excellent in cases of soft tissue tears, swelling, injection guidance, and more. We also have Digital Motion X-ray in our Florida location, which is a wonderful tool for seeing upper spine movement, joint instability, and poor range of motion, among other symptoms.

“Can I drive after Prolotherapy?”

In most cases, driving is not a problem after you receive Prolotherapy. You will feel a little stiff, but mobility is not limited. In fact, some movement is helpful after Prolotherapy. However, if you have your neck treated, we do not suggest driving immediately after Prolotherapy. In addition, if you require any medication that increases drowsiness, or receive conscious sedation, you must have a driver after Prolotherapy.

“Can I work the same day as Prolotherapy?”

Yes, you will be capable of working after Prolotherapy for most jobs. You may not want to work if your work involves standing all day or heavy lifting, or in cases where medication was taken prior to the treatment that may make you drowsy. For many people, taking the day off is more relaxing, especially if they are having multiple areas treated. For the first treatment, you may want to consider taking the day off until you know how you will feel after treatment, and then decide what feels right for you for subsequent visits.

“Should I eat before my appointment?”

For patients coming in for Prolotherapy, you must eat before the appointment. Please eat a good-sized breakfast with protein before coming in for a morning appointment, and eat a good-sized lunch with protein before coming in for an afternoon appointment. The only exception is if you are scheduled to have treatment under conscious sedation. For these instances, you will not eat prior to your appointment. You will be talking with a clinical member prior to your appointment to review any additional instructions.

“How long is the visit? “

The average new patient visit is approximately 2 hours. If you are being seen for multiple body areas or have a complicated case, the visit may run longer. For follow up Prolotherapy treatments, the visit duration is approximately 1 to 2 hours.

“Will I get Prolotherapy on the first visit?”

Prolotherapy assessmentIf the reason you are coming to Caring Medical is to receive Prolotherapy (this includes PRP and Stem Cell therapy) you will most likely receive it, provided that your body can physically handle it. If your Prolotherapy specialist feels that your general health is too poor, he or she may suggest certain laboratory testing first.

Can I receive Prolotherapy if I’m taking medications?

Our clinical team will review your medication list during your New Patient phone consultation and advise if there is anything that should be discontinued, such as NSAIDs or narcotic pain killers. In general, most medications that are unrelated to pain, such as hormone therapy or blood thinners, are fine to continue throughout the Prolotherapy treatment series. Again, for specific medication questions, our clinical team will review your medication list prior to your first appointment and advise.

“What forms of payment are accepted?”

Caring Medical accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. Check out our Prolotherapy prices and billing policies.

“Is Caring Medical part of any insurance networks?”

While we are not a part of any insurance networks, Caring Medical provides our patients with detailed invoice that can be submitted to a private, non-HMO insurance company for possible reimbursement at the “out of network” rate. The invoice will reflect that you paid in full and reimbursement should be sent directly to the primary/patient.  Invoices can NOT be submitted to government-based insurance plans such as Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, or to HMO plans.

Most of our patients report at least some coverage/reimbursement on Prolotherapy treatments. We cannot, however, guarantee any insurance reimbursement. Some specific services are not billable to insurance, including stem cell therapy.

If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA), these are great payment options for services like Prolotherapy.

“Is Digital Motion X-ray covered by insurance?”

Digital Motion XrayWhile many insurance companies recognize the value of dynamic motion x-ray, it is not mainstream, and therefore some insurance companies do not cover the exam. DMX was FDA approved in 1994 for use in patients with spinal and peripheral joint disorders. There have been decades of research utilizing this technology and we have used it for ourselves and our patients years prior to getting a machine in our clinic. Due to the enormous help it has been for patients, their families, and often their legal cases, to accurately document joint instability and other injuries, we felt it was prudent to be able to offer this technology to our patients in our office.

“Can you help with travel suggestions?” 

Of course! Whether you want to fly in and out the same day, or stay for a month, we have excellent options for both our Chicagoland location and our Florida location on hotels, local attractions, transportation, flight itineraries, and more.

For questions about specific therapies offered at Caring Medical Regenerative Medicine Clinics, read about the therapies we offer.

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