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If patient success is your passion, make regenerative medicine your career

Join our amazing Caring Medical family-fun-passionate team, the only 5-star Prolotherapy clinic in the world, specializing in Comprehensive H3 Prolotherapy and other cutting-edge regenerative medicine therapies! Help amazing patients restore their lives and overcome debilitating conditions. Get self-fulfillment and great benefits!

If you are just looking for a j-o-b, then you need not apply. We are looking for people with drive, enthusiasm, and passion!

Why work at Caring Medical?

We provide innovative treatments to help patients avoid prescription narcotics, cortisone shots, and surgery, as well as a lifetime of continued pain. We utilize comprehensive Hackett-Hemwall-Hauser (H3) Prolotherapy, PRP, and stem cell injections, along with other natural modalities to help stimulate the body to heal itself.

We are blessed with an international patient base, seeing patients from all around the world. What a great cultural experience! We have written many books and papers on the success of our Caring Medical treatment protocols because the world wants to know! We have a long history (27 years!) of healing and giving patients their lives back! One of our mottos is “Hope Practiced Here!”

Available positions:

Physician (MD or DO) – Full-time position
Fort Myers, FL

To apply: Learn more about the position and apply on

Physician Assistant – Full-time position
Fort Myers, FL

To apply: Learn more about the position and apply on

Medical assistant – Full-time position
Fort Myers, FL

Are you looking for a place to work with tremendous opportunities and discoveries for MAs?

Do you want to work at a place that appreciates your skills?

Medical assistants possess the knowledge and experience needed to excel in the healthcare industry. They are trained in both clinical and administrative tasks that are critical to running a medical clinic. We know that medical assistants are capable of performing many different tasks needed to keep the clinic running in addition to treating patients. Their versatility also ensures they will not be bored on the job because there is always something they can do. Right? Right! This job at Caring Medical Florida is definitely NOT boring!

Every day on the job is different than the one before.

Our Caring Medical medical assistants provide patients with compassion and understanding while helping keep the clinic running smoothly. Caring Medical medical assistants take satisfaction in knowing they are helping patients and changing their lives for the better.

To apply: fill out the form below or learn more about the position and apply on

Radiology Technologist – Full-time position
Fort Myers, FL

What kind of Radiology Technologist are we looking for? We are looking for that special someone who is passionate, caring, smart, and progressive. This is NOT just a job. This is an amazing adventure!

What we discover every day in our patients using our dynamic testing procedures is astounding! Dynamic tests mean that we are analyzing symptoms while a patient is in motion, not just lying flat when they do not have symptoms. We utilize Digital Motion X-ray to take into account the movement of the bones in relation to the spinal cord, vagus nerve, and many other important structures, as well as the integrity of the ligaments that hold the spine together and create the cervical curve.

This is combined with other tests that analyze blood flow to the brain, heart rate variability, and more. This has resulted in incredible patient outcomes! Patients who have been through dozens of other providers, static MRIs and x-rays, or multiple medications and surgeries, without resolution, finally receive answers to why they have bizarre, transient, and horrific disabling symptoms. An individualized treatment program is then created and can usually be started on the first or second day of a patient’s visit.

Do you want to be a part of these amazing discoveries?

Do you want to be challenged and experience new things every day?

Are you looking for a career vs a job?

Do you want to make a difference in people’s lives?

Are you passionate about helping people?

If this sounds like you, then you need to contact us.

To apply: fill out the form below or learn more about the position and apply on

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I am applying for the following position:
Physician (MD/DO) - Fort Myers, FLPhysician Assistant - Fort Myers, FLMedical Assistant - Fort Myers, FLRadiology Technologist - Fort Myers, FL

Degree & year graduated:

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What interests you in the position at Caring Medical?

What assets do you feel you can bring to Caring Medical?

Other comments or information you would like to include:

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