Cervical Neck Pain

03/28/20 Cervical spine instability and digestive disorders
03/26/20 Ernest Syndrome – the answer to unresolved TMJ pain?
03/24/20 Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion – Options For Surgery
03/23/20 When cervical spine instability causes ear pain, ear fullness, sound sensitivity and hearing problems
03/14/20 Burning Mouth Syndrome
03/07/20 Mal de debarquement syndrome caused by cervical spine instability
03/05/20 Cervical spine problems, Vagus nerve compression, as cause urinary incontinence
02/25/20 Cervical disc disease and difficulty swallowing – cervicogenic dysphagia
02/13/20 Cervicogenic headaches – Migraines, tension headaches and cervical spine instability
01/23/20 Treatment of Whiplash associated disorders
01/16/20 The evidence for TMJ injections into the jaw and cervical spine
01/16/20 Occipital neuralgia and Suboccipital headache – C2 neuralgia treatments without nerve block or surgery
01/07/20 Tinnitus is a symptom of cervical spine instability
01/06/20 Vertebrobasilar insufficiency. Everytime I turn my head I get dizzy. Sometimes I almost pass out.
12/03/19 Cervical artificial disc replacement complications
11/27/19 Cervical dystonia and spasmodic torticollis treatment
11/26/19 Can Chronic fatigue syndrome and Myalgic encephalomyelitis be caused by cervical stenosis and cervical spine instability?
11/25/19 Vestibular migraine and spontaneous vertigo – Migraine Associated Vertigo
11/24/19 Cervical Vertigo and Cervicogenic Dizziness
11/11/19 Heart racing, heart rate variability, and high blood pressure. A cervical spine problem?
11/07/19 How cervical spine instability disrupts blood flow into the brain
10/29/19 When your bad knee causes significant neck pain
10/21/19 Cluster headache treatment – cervical ligament instability and the trigeminal and vagus nerves
09/10/19 Do I have Post-concussion syndrome? Or do I NOT have Post-concussion syndrome?
09/04/19 The evidence for non-surgical cervical radiculopathy treatments
07/16/19 Prolotherapy treatments for chronic neck pain after an automobile accident | Case review of three patients
05/20/19 Treatment of Cervical Spondylosis
05/15/19 Neurogenic and Nonspecific-type thoracic outlet syndrome – Diagnosis and treatment
05/09/19 Atlantoaxial instability treatment and repair without surgery
04/10/19 Chronic Neck Pain and Blurred or Double Vision Problems – Is the answer in the neck ligaments?
10/22/18 Neck-Tongue Syndrome treated with Prolotherapy
08/20/18 Cervical neck instability | Regenerative medicine and Prolotherapy for chronic neck pain
08/03/18 Text Neck – Pain due to constantly looking at cell phone
10/11/17 Patients report problems with sexual function after cervical spine surgery
07/31/17 Small fiber neuropathy
03/30/17 Digital Motion X-Ray for diagnosing Neck Instability
03/28/17 Getting help for Cervical dystonia | Spastic Torticollis


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