Knee Pain

04/02/20 Patellar Tendinopathy treatments
04/02/20 What to do about knee pain being caused by your unmanaged or uncontrolled Type 2 diabetes
03/19/20 Alternatives to knee microfracture surgery and cartilage implant surgery
03/17/20 Baker’s cyst treatment – Prolotherapy Injections
03/17/20 Do stem cell injections for knee meniscus tears and post-meniscectomy work?
03/09/20 Chronic knee swelling. Is this the hidden cause of degenerative knee osteoarthritis?
02/24/20 Can treating foot and ankle pain prevent knee replacement?
02/18/20 Platelet Rich Plasma for Knee Osteoarthritis: When it works & When it will not work
02/18/20 Platelet rich plasma injections for meniscus tears
01/21/20 Research: Arthroscopic knee surgery may not work and in fact may be harmful
01/21/20 Why stem cell therapy did not or will not work for your knee pain – an update
01/02/20 Treating Chondromalacia Patella – Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
12/20/19 Who can and who can’t kneel after knee replacement
12/19/19 Finding help for post knee replacement pain
12/04/19 The evidence for Prolotherapy Injections for knee osteoarthritis
10/29/19 When your bad knee causes significant neck pain
10/28/19 The challenges of Weight management and knee replacement – before and after surgery
10/28/19 How fast can I return to work after knee replacement? 15 to 30% of patients do not return to work
10/24/19 Should I have surgery for my meniscus tear?
10/15/19 My doctor says my knee should not hurt me as much as it does.
09/19/19 ACL reconstruction surgery alternatives and treatment options
09/18/19 Can you repair a bone on bone knee without stem cell therapy?
07/12/19 Knee pain, cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s Disease
07/02/19 Depression before joint replacement, depression after joint replacement
05/17/19 After ACL Reconstruction | Complications and post-surgery treatment options
04/07/19 Bone loss before the knee replacement
03/16/19 What is the best diet for my knee pain?
02/11/19 The evidence for non-surgical bucket handle meniscus tear repair
10/18/18 Robotic assisted partial knee replacement | Non-surgical alternatives
10/16/18 Surgery and non-surgical treatments for chronic knee cap dislocation
10/11/18 Osgood-Schlatter Disease
09/25/18 Treating loose bodies in your knee
09/11/18 The many types of meniscus tears
08/14/18 Should You Explore Alternatives to Knee Replacement Surgery?
07/29/18 Chronic Knee Pain, Knee Instability, and Degenerative Knee Disease
06/10/18 Are Hyaluronic injections for Knee Osteoarthritis low-value health care?
06/04/18 Treating osteoarthritis in the aging athlete
05/16/18 Stem Cell Prolotherapy for knee cartilage regeneration
05/03/18 Iliotibial band friction syndrome Knee pain in Runners
05/01/18 Being forced to wait for knee replacement is painful, significantly deteriorates your condition, worsens your knee pain
04/25/18 Bone Marrow Aspirate Prolotherapy for knee pain
04/06/18 Prolotherapy for Meniscus Tears
01/24/18 Medial Collateral Ligament Knee Injury
09/18/17 Arthroscopic surgery and stem cells – the best of both worlds?
09/03/17 Oral Contraceptive Use | Does Estrogen cause or prevent ACL injury?
05/17/17 Knee Tendinopathy | Tendinosis | Tendonitis
04/20/17 Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) Injury and Treatments
04/20/17 Posterolateral corner injuries of the knee
04/11/17 BEFORE you consider Knee Distraction Surgery
04/06/17 LCL | Lateral Collateral Ligament Injury of the Knee
02/08/17 Cobalt poisoning in knee replacements


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