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02/19/19 Partial rotator cuff tear Do you really need a surgery?
02/19/19 The evidence for Trigeminal Neuralgia non-surgical treatments
02/14/19 The evidence for alternatives to hip replacement
02/14/19 The evidence that abdominal obesity, hypertension, and diabetes is destroying your joints and will send you to a nursing home
02/13/19 Prolotherapy and PRP tennis elbow injections
02/12/19 Shoulder impingement syndrome – Surgeons tell patients say no to surgery – What are your options?
02/11/19 The evidence for non-surgical bucket handle meniscus tear repair
02/10/19 An alternative treatment for Bunion and Metatarsophalangeal Joint Pain that is not responding to traditional treatments
02/08/19 The use of Ozone in Chronic Joint Pain
02/06/19 Occipital neuralgia – C2 neuralgia
02/04/19 Can ginger help joint pain?
02/03/19 Patellar Tendinopathy | Jumper’s Knee
02/02/19 Ankle impingement non-surgical treatment
01/29/19 Celiac disease, a gluten-free diet for difficult to treat joint pain
01/27/19 De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis treatment – should we look at the ligaments of the wrist and thumb?
01/26/19 Ernest Syndrome – the missing diagnosis of unresolved TMJ pain
01/22/19 Thumb Osteoarthritis Surgery Alternatives
01/21/19 Vertebrobasilar insufficiency – Hunter Bow Syndrome – Cervical neck instability
01/21/19 Minimally invasive spinal surgery procedures
01/20/19 Cervical Vertigo | Cervicogenic Dizziness
01/19/19 Cervicogenic headaches – Migraines, tension headaches and cervical neck instability
01/19/19 Vitamin D and knee osteoarthritis
01/17/19 Problems of getting an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment options for Femoroacetabular Impingement
01/17/19 Strawberries alleviate joint pain
01/12/19 Prolotherapy for Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders
01/11/19 The role of testosterone in joint repair | The role of opioids in low testosterone syndrome
01/10/19 Treating Chondromalacia Patella – Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
01/10/19 Chronic Neck Pain and Vision Problems – Is there an answer?
01/10/19 Treatment of Whiplash associated disorders
01/09/19 Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy
01/08/19 Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Treatment – What will help you, what will fail you
01/05/19 My knee hurts worse than my doctor believes it should – my doctor does not believe me
01/04/19 Why physical therapy and exercise did not restore muscle strength in hip osteoarthritis patients
01/04/19 How fast can I return to work after knee replacement? 15 to 30% of patients do not return to work
01/01/19 Swimmer’s shoulder treatment | subacromial shoulder pain
12/31/18 Chronic ankle sprain and instability treatment
12/29/18 Making the case for cervical instability as a cause of Tinnitus
12/26/18 After ACL Reconstruction | Complications and post-surgery knee instability treatments
12/21/18 Amniotic Stem Cell Therapy | Cord Blood | Placenta Tissue
12/21/18 The evidence for non-surgical cervical radiculopathy treatments
12/20/18 Same Day Hip Replacement Surgery | Minimally invasive hip replacement
12/20/18 Repairing a SLAP tear without surgery
12/19/18 Should I have knee surgery for meniscus tear?
12/18/18 Sciatica and lumbar radiculopathy Prolotherapy treatments
12/16/18 The evidence for TMJ Prolotherapy injection treatments
12/15/18 Cervical dystonia and Spastic Torticollis | Why Prolotherapy may be your answer
12/14/18 The evidence: Rotator Cuff Tear Surgery and Regenerative Medicine
12/11/18 Swallowing Difficulty | Cervicogenic dysphagia
12/06/18 The Prolotherapy approach to treating Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
12/05/18 Is losing weight an anti-inflammatory? Excessive weight, inflammation and joint pain
12/03/18 Non-surgical treatment options for lumbar spinal stenosis
11/29/18 Iliolumbar ligament injury | Iliolumbar Syndrome | Iliac crest pain syndrome
11/28/18 Problems after knee replacement Finding help for post-replacement pain
11/19/18 Platelet Rich Plasma for Knee Osteoarthritis | When PRP will work and when PRP will not work
11/14/18 When NSAIDs make pain worse
11/13/18 Achilles Tendinopathy and Achilles tendon partial and full thickness rupture | Surgery and non operative treatment
11/13/18 Gluteus Medius Tendinopathy | Hip tendinitis injections
11/09/18 Tendinitis and Tendinosis treatments – Injections for Chronic Tendinopathy
11/05/18 Why physical therapy and yoga did not help your low back pain
11/05/18 The evidence for alternatives to shoulder replacement
11/02/18 Pelvic Girdle Pain | Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction Treatment
10/31/18 Platelet rich plasma injections for meniscus tears
10/30/18 The types of diagnostic imaging for hip pain | Are they accurate in showing doctors what is causing your pain?
10/30/18 Your hip hurts worse than your MRI is saying it should and your doctor doesn’t believe you
10/30/18 The evidence for Prolotherapy as a hip-preserving alternative to arthroscopy and hip replacement
10/27/18 Does hip preserving arthroscopic surgery lead to hip replacement anyway? The evidence.
10/27/18 Comparing Hip Labrum Surgery and Non-Surgical Prolotherapy | The evidence
10/25/18 Resveratrol and the treatment of osteoarthritis | The research
10/24/18 Avoiding knee replacement | Stem cell therapy and advanced knee osteoarthritis
10/24/18 The connection between knee pain, knee replacement and Alzheimer’s Disease
10/24/18 Scheuermann’s Disease
10/22/18 Neck-Tongue Syndrome treated with Prolotherapy
10/18/18 Robotic assisted partial knee replacement | Non-surgical alternatives
10/17/18 Abdominal fat causes back and spinal nerve pain
10/16/18 Surgery and non-surgical treatments for acute and chronic knee cap dislocation
10/15/18 Platelet Rich Plasma for treating Hip Osteoarthritis
10/15/18 Hyaluronic acid vs platelet-rich plasma in the treatment of hip osteoarthritis
10/11/18 Case of Prolotherapy Treatment for Rotator Cuff Tear and Shoulder Impingement
10/11/18 Injured Ironman – Prolotherapy helps endurance athletes get to the finish line!
10/11/18 Osgood-Schlatter Disease
10/10/18 The evidence for Non-surgical treatments for Ankle Osteoarthritis | Prolotherapy
10/10/18 Comparing Injection treatments for Plantar fasciitis, Plantar Fasciopathy and Plantar fasciitis tears
10/09/18 Pain is a Progressive Disorder
10/05/18 The evidence against spinal fusion surgery
10/05/18 Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion | Does this surgery cause more cervical spine instability and deformity?
10/05/18 The evidence for Prolotherapy Injections for knee osteoarthritis
10/02/18 Knee osteoarthritis and unmanaged Type 2 diabetes
10/01/18 Carpal tunnel syndrome | Surgical and non-surgical nerve release methods
09/27/18 My doctor says that my knee pain is being made worse by my elevated cholesterol | Elevated Cholesterol and Joint Pain
09/26/18 I am an active 75 year old who does not want a knee replacement. Are stem cells an option for me?
09/26/18 Suboccipital headache Moving away from nerve blocks and getting results from ligament repair and treatment of muscle spasms
09/25/18 Treating loose bodies in your knee
09/24/18 How long do I have to wait to start stem cell treatment after a cortisone injection?
09/24/18 Alternative to cortisone shots
09/20/18 Failed Back Surgery | MRIs causing spinal surgery patients don’t need
09/17/18 Chronic Neck Pain – Cervical Neck Instability
09/17/18 Shoulder Adhesive Capsulitis | Frozen Shoulder Treatment
09/16/18 Bone Spurs in the Shoulder
09/13/18 Why stem cell therapy did not work for your knee pain
09/11/18 The many types of meniscus tears
09/04/18 Re
09/04/18 Prolotherapy treatments for chronic neck pain after an automobile accident | Case review of three patients
09/03/18 Prolotherapy Treatments for Groin Pain in Women
08/31/18 Bone marrow stem cell therapy and Prolotherapy | Published review 7 case histories
08/28/18 When surgery makes sacroiliac joint-related pain worse | Lumbar Decompression Surgery
08/27/18 Why you should get Prolotherapy when you get stem cell treatments
08/20/18 Cervical neck instability | Regenerative medicine and Prolotherapy for chronic neck pain
08/19/18 Bad diet leads to osteoporosis, frailty, and bone fractures in postmenopausal women
08/15/18 Prolotherapy for Ganglion Cysts
08/14/18 Research on Alternatives to Knee Replacement Surgery
08/12/18 Hormone replacement therapy and degenerative joint disease
08/06/18 How does a woman go in for spinal fusion surgery and come home with pelvic pain?
08/03/18 Spinal Cord Injury Pain
08/03/18 Text Neck – Pain due to constantly looking at cell phone
08/03/18 Alternatives to Epidural Steroid Injections | why do patients still get epidurals?
08/03/18 Olives and osteoarthritis | A flavorful anti-inflammatory
08/01/18 Leg length discrepancy | Can Prolotherapy level a pelvis?
07/31/18 Atlantoaxial instability | Cervical Fusion or Prolotherapy PRP Stem Cell treatment options
07/29/18 Chronic Knee Pain, Knee Instability, and Degenerative Knee Disease
07/28/18 Depression before joint replacement, depression after joint replacement
07/26/18 Can you repair the cortisone and anti-inflammatory causing damage in your joints?
07/23/18 The evidence: Hip-spine syndrome leads to failed hip replacement and lumbar spinal fusion
07/20/18 Misleading shoulder MRIs lead to unnecessary rotator cuff surgery
07/09/18 Avocado/soybean unsaponifiables (ASU) for osteoarthritis
07/09/18 Facet Joint Osteoarthritis | New research says it is caused by spinal ligament weakness
07/07/18 Stem Cell injections for knee meniscus tears and post-meniscectomy
07/03/18 Treatment for sternoclavicular joint injuries
07/03/18 Prolotherapy for Iliocostalis Syndrome
07/02/18 Overuse injuries affecting runners
06/28/18 Cervical Spondylosis | Comprehensive Prolotherapy treatments
06/27/18 Post-laminectomy syndrome
06/25/18 Knee Synovitis Synovial inflammation of the knee
06/17/18 Older men do not see losing weight or being on a diet as beneficial to their knee pain. Researchers say: They better change their attitude.
06/14/18 Research: For many, arthroscopic knee surgery does not work and in fact may be harmful
06/14/18 How does obesity cause osteoarthritis? By “inflammaging”
06/11/18 Green tea and joint pain
06/10/18 The Evidence against Hyaluronic Acid Injections for Knee Osteoarthritis | Are Hyaluronic injections low-value health care?
06/08/18 How important is sleep in helping to avoid surgery?
06/07/18 Prolotherapy for Post-Stroke Pain
06/06/18 Ligament and tendon damage from Immobilization syndrome
06/04/18 Piriformis syndrome and sciatica
06/04/18 Treating osteoarthritis in the aging athlete
06/02/18 Prolotherapy for Foot & Toe Pain
06/02/18 Why Regenokine, Orthokine Injections did not work
05/31/18 Have you been diagnosed with wear and tear lumbar spondylosis?
05/23/18 Knee cartilage surgery and knee cartilage non-surgical repair
05/21/18 Prolotherapy non-surgical treatment of a bulging or herniated disc
05/20/18 Spondylolisthesis | Spondylolysis | Spondylisis | A problem of disc degeneration or ligament degeneration?
05/17/18 Greater trochanteric pain syndrome
05/16/18 Stem Cell Prolotherapy for knee cartilage regeneration
05/15/18 The Mediterranean diet and osteoarthritis
05/14/18 Prolotherapy and stem cells as an alternative to degenerative disc disease surgery
05/08/18 Alternative treatments for foot pain | Prolotherapy
05/08/18 Morton’s Neuroma Injections
05/07/18 Does stem cell therapy work? Will it work for you?
05/03/18 Back Pain During Pregnancy
05/03/18 Iliotibial Band Syndrome | Knee pain in Runners
05/02/18 Prolotherapy for Elbow Pain
05/01/18 Being forced to wait for knee replacement is painful, significantly deteriorates your condition, worsens your knee pain
04/27/18 Magnesium deficiency and osteoarthritis
04/25/18 Bone Marrow Aspirate Prolotherapy for knee pain
04/17/18 lumbar radiculopathy
04/11/18 Prolotherapy, PRP, and Stem Cell shoulder pain treatments
04/11/18 ACL reconstruction surgery alternatives and treatment options | Prolotherapy, PRP and stem cells
04/10/18 Prolotherapy for Calcific Tendonitis
04/06/18 Prolotherapy for Meniscus Tears
04/05/18 Chronic Shoulder Dislocation Treatments – The non-surgical approach to dislocation and subluxation
04/03/18 Prolotherapy for Pseudogout
04/02/18 Prolotherapy for EDS & Hypermobility
04/01/18 Finding an effective treatment for Snapping Hip Syndrome | Prolotherapy
03/28/18 Failed back surgery syndrome treatment options
03/26/18 The use of stem cells during arthroscopic surgery
03/23/18 Connective tissue deficiency syndrome
03/22/18 Broccoli and Osteoarthritis
03/19/18 Pelvic Floor Dysfunction | Confusing diagnosis can lead to confusing and improper treatment
03/17/18 What is in Prolotherapy injections?
03/16/18 Adjacent segment disease following cervical spine surgery | Treatment options
03/03/18 Prolotherapy for Rectal Pain
03/03/18 Prolotherapy for Buttock Pain
03/01/18 Controversy surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of Thoracic outlet syndrome | Is it really Thoracic outlet syndrome?
02/22/18 Platelet Rich Plasma Prolotherapy | Stimulating bone repair
02/18/18 Controversies in shoulder instability treatment | Physical therapy and surgery
02/12/18 When should I involve an H3 Prolotherapy specialist in my care?
02/09/18 Treating hip pain and necrosis without core decompression
02/08/18 The Hinge-Joint Analogy
02/08/18 The regeneration of articular cartilage with prolotherapy | Caring Medical and Rehabilitation Research
02/07/18 Tommy John Surgery – The alternatives to UCL reconstruction surgery
02/03/18 Prolotherapy for Myofascial Pain Syndrome
02/03/18 Prolotherapy for Scoliosis
01/25/18 Why you should consider alternatives to ankle replacement surgery and ankle fusion
01/24/18 Medial Collateral Ligament Knee Injury
12/15/17 PRP and Prolotherapy treatments for Osteochondritis dissecans
12/02/17 Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
12/01/17 The Extracellular matrix (ECM) | How comprehensive prolotherapy repairs cartilage
11/25/17 Hamstring Injuries
11/16/17 Could Neck Injury Be the Culprit in Post-Concussion Symptoms and the Development of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy?
11/14/17 Is there evidence that stem cells can repair degenerative disc disease
11/12/17 Prolotherapy treatments | Spinal instability and back pain
11/02/17 Caring Cervical Realignment Therapy (CCRT)
10/24/17 Curcumin and osteoarthritis
10/22/17 When stem cell therapy did not work for your shoulder osteoarthritis
10/11/17 Patients report problems with sexual function after cervical spine surgery
10/10/17 Understanding Volleyball related injuries
10/03/17 Prolotherapy for Benign Congenital Hypermobility
10/03/17 Adipose – fat stem cells research
10/03/17 The evidence against shoulder labrum surgery
10/01/17 How diet, Type II diabetes and obesity compromise tendon healing
09/26/17 Statin-induced tendon injuries
09/21/17 Stem cell therapy for cartilage regeneration
09/18/17 Arthroscopic surgery and stem cells – the best of both worlds?
09/03/17 Oral Contraceptive Use | Does Estrogen cause or prevent ACL injury?
09/02/17 Digital Motion X-ray (DMX)
09/01/17 Slipping rib syndrome
08/24/17 Prolotherapy Baker’s cyst treatment
08/24/17 Understanding hip replacement complications before the surgery
08/22/17 You have a Gait Abnormality
08/22/17 Pubis
08/18/17 Golfer’s Elbow |  Medial epicondylitis
08/18/17 Prolotherapy for Wrist Instability and Osteoarthritis
08/17/17 Does treating back pain also treat symptoms of anxiety and depression?
08/16/17 Vaginal Pain from pelvic and spinal ligament injury
08/13/17 PRP and Rheumatoid arthritis
08/10/17 Sesamoiditis treatments with Prolotherapy
08/08/17 Pubic symphysis in Male Athletes | Caring Medical Sports
08/06/17 Degenerative Hip Disease
08/06/17 Patients ask: Is my MRI accurate?
08/05/17 Eagle Syndrome
08/04/17 Ischial tuberosity pain and ischiofemoral impingement
08/02/17 Nerve Release Injection Therapy
08/02/17 Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
08/01/17 Spondylolisthesis in the athlete | Vertebrae misalignment due to ligament weakness
07/31/17 Small fiber neuropathy
07/28/17 Burning Mouth Syndrome
07/25/17 Meniscus Scaffolds
07/07/17 Snapping Scapula Syndrome | Prolotherapy non-surgical options
07/07/17 When you have chronic and painful shin splints and nothing helped
07/03/17 Nutrition for Healing
07/03/17 Prolotherapy for Arachnoiditis
07/02/17 Stem Cell Therapy
06/26/17 The Treatment of Joint Instability and EDS: Kristle Lowell, World Champion In Double Mini-Trampoline
06/24/17 The longer you wait for back pain treatment, the worse your situation becomes
06/19/17 Are you a candidate for stem cells?
06/19/17 How stem cells help fix a broken “healing cycle”
06/15/17 Sports hernia and femoroacetabular impingement in athletes
06/12/17 Documented Cartilage Regeneration in Five Degenerated Knees After Prolotherapy
06/08/17 Treating the whole knee treats widespread body pain
06/08/17 When knee replacement is the wrong operation
06/02/17 H3 Prolotherapy
05/28/17 Research supporting PRP combined use of PRP and stem cells
05/21/17 Stem cell prolotherapy after meniscectomy
05/17/17 Knee Tendinopathy | Tendinosis | Tendonitis
05/15/17 Post-concussion syndrome
05/12/17 Considerations for Choosing a PRP Doctor
05/11/17 Slap lesions in pitchers
05/11/17 Chondromalacia Patella
05/08/17 Persistent groin pain after hip replacement
05/08/17 Higher risk of hip replacement complications in patients with previous spinal fusion
05/02/17 What does H3 Prolotherapy mean?
04/30/17 Hip impingement syndromes
04/30/17 Prolotherapy and tendon healing
04/27/17 Stress fractures in athletes
04/21/17 Knee replacement failure at risk groups
04/20/17 Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) Injury and Treatments
04/20/17 Posterolateral corner injuries of the knee
04/19/17 PRP during Achilles tendon surgery
04/16/17 Knee replacement complications in post-traumatic osteoarthritis patients
04/13/17 Opioids and Sexual Dysfunction
04/11/17 BEFORE you consider Knee Distraction Surgery
04/11/17 Joint Instability and Degenerative joint disease
04/06/17 Stem Cell Prolotherapy repair of the ACL tear
04/06/17 LCL | Lateral Collateral Ligament Injury of the Knee
04/02/17 Prolotherapy for Wrist, Hand, & Finger Pain
03/30/17 Digital Motion X-Ray for diagnosing Neck Instability
03/28/17 Getting help for Cervical dystonia | Spastic Torticollis
03/20/17 Rest ice compression elevation | Rice Therapy and Price Therapy
03/20/17 Enthesitis treatment
03/02/17 Prolotherapy for Sports Injury
02/25/17 Psychological effects of injuries on female athletes
02/08/17 Cobalt poisoning in knee replacements
02/02/17 Chronic Hip Pain | Are you a candidate for Prolotherapy?
02/02/17 Direct bone marrow injections with non-cultured stem cells
02/02/17 Prolotherapy for Shoulder Pain
02/02/17 Prolotherapy for Pelvic & Groin Pain
02/02/17 Prolotherapy for Grade IV Knee Osteoarthritis
01/31/17 Groin pain in the athlete | Treating groin pain that does not heal
01/28/17 Acromioclavicular joint instability and osteoarthritis
01/21/17 Prolotherapy treatment for Adult acquired flatfoot deformity – fallen arches and flat feet
01/20/17 Stem cell therapy and bone repair in osteoarthritis patients
01/16/17 Pelvic Pain from ligament instability
01/11/17 Discectomy or Microdiscectomy
01/10/17 Bursitis Treatments
01/01/17 Return to play | MEAT Movement Exercise Analgesia Treatment
12/30/16 Lyftogt Perineural Injection Treatment™ (LPIT) – Neurofascial Prolotherapy
12/23/16 Over Manipulation Syndrome (OMS)
12/19/16 Overuse Injury or Training Load Error
12/15/16 Updated research: Arthroscopy for middle-aged or older patients
12/13/16 Prolotherapy for post-fracture pain
12/11/16 Tailbone Pain Chronic Coccydynia
12/11/16 Hip Pain Treatment Options
12/09/16 Vertebral compression fracture
12/09/16 Tarlov Cysts
12/04/16 Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
12/02/16 Barré-Lieou and Cervicocranial Syndromes
12/01/16 Prolotherapy for Lisfranc injuries
11/23/16 Testicle pain from undiagnosed chronic musculoskeletal problems
11/09/16 Fibromyalgia
11/04/16 Joint Pain and Weight Loss
10/05/16 Runner’s Knee Treatment
10/03/16 Chronic Hand Pain
09/19/16 More surgery – more complications, less success
09/05/16 How narcotic pain medications can increase chronic pain
08/25/16 Shoulder Impingement Syndrome
07/08/16 Prolotherapy for Osteoarthritis
10/22/15 My surgeon wants to use Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Therapy during surgery
04/27/15 Dysautonomia and POTS
05/15/14 Accessory Navicular Syndrome
03/31/14 Overuse and Dead Arm Syndrome – When it hurts to pitch
03/24/14 Sports Drinks, Gatorade, Powerade, Vitamin water, or Water
03/10/14 Tennis knee injury treatment – A Prolotherapy story
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