Bone Marrow Aspirate Prolotherapy for knee pain

In this article we will present clinical research and case studies to support the use of Bone Marrow Aspirate for Knee Pain.

Bone Marrow Aspirate or Bone Marrow Prolotherapy refers to the use of bone marrow concentrate injections into areas of degenerative joint disease to stop and repair degenerative changes.

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Bone Marrow Aspirate therapy is often called bone marrow stem cell therapy or simply stem cell therapy. The technique as utilized here at Caring Medical for our patients is described in the video below.

Understanding the technique of Bone Marrow Aspirate therapy is to understand that there are many variations of this therapy. Not all doctors utilize bone marrow stem cells in the same way. There is even variations in the way the effectiveness of Bone Marrow Aspirate therapy is reported in the medical literature.

Stem Cell Prolotherapy with Bone Marrow

Here is what researchers wrote in the Orthopaedic journal of sports medicine:

“Although a growing interest for biological alternatives of treating knee pathology has been observed in the past few years, there still remains a paucity of high-quality studies. The studies included in this systematic review reported varying degrees of beneficial results with the use of Bone Marrow Aspirate with and without an additional procedure for the treatment of chondral defects and early stages of osteoarthritis. Most articles present the use of Bone Marrow Aspirate  as a safe procedure and report good results.”(1)

Caring Medical Research and case histories:

In the medical journal Clinical medicine insights. Arthritis and musculoskeletal disorders our team presented the following case histories:

Case history 1

  • Patient is a 69-year-old male presented with pain in both knees.
    • 4/10 on the left (30% frequency) and 7/10 on the right (90% frequency).
  • Pain had begun years earlier while playing rugby and had been more severe for the four years prior to first office visit
  • Pain resulted in frequent sleep interruption and limitation of exercise. Slight flexion limitation was noted.
  • The patient had received Prolotherapy from another physician for the previous two years but felt that improvement had ceased.
  • The patient was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and received five bone marrow/dextrose treatments at two month intervals in both knees.
  • Two months after the final treatment, the patient reported that he was completely free of pain or stiffness in both knees, had regained full range of motion, no longer suffered sleep interruption, and was no longer limited in exercise or daily life activities.2

Case history 2

  • Patient is a 56-year-old male presented with pain in both knees.
  • The patient is a former competitive weightlifter who continues to do strength training exercise.
  • He complained of instability in both knees during exercise, as well as sleep interruption.
  • The patient received 29 bilateral dextrose prolotherapy treatments over five years to the knee. At the final prolotherapy visit, sleep interruption was still present, pain intensity was 4/10, and pain frequency was 100%.
  • Four months later, the patient was treated with platelet-rich plasma. Three months after plasma treatment, the patient began a series of three bone marrow stem cell injection treatments (without dextrose prolotherapy) at 2–3 month intervals. At the time of the second bone marrow stem cell injection treatments, stability was improved.
  • At the time of the third treatment, pain intensity was 2/10 and pain frequency was 30%. Sleep was no longer affected. These gains were maintained for nine months.2

Case history 3

  • Patient is a 69-year-old female with pain in both knees.
  • She had been previously diagnosed with osteoarthritis, had arthroscopic surgery to both knees eight years earlier, and bilateral medial meniscus surgery 15 years earlier.
  • Pain occurred climbing or descending stairs and with standing or walking for two hours. Pain interrupted sleep and limited participation in racquet sports and golf.
    • Pain intensity was 4/10 in the left knee and 5/10 in the right.
  • The patient received six bilateral treatments with dextrose prolotherapy over a ten month period. After the first month of this period, the patient reported uninterrupted sleep, pain intensity of 2/10, resumption of limited golf, and an overall improvement of 50%–55%.
  • One year after the final prolotherapy, pain intensity had returned to 4/10 with a frequency of 20%, and sleep interruption had resumed. At this time, the patient received the first of two bone marrow stem cell injection treatments with dextrose Prolotherapy treatments, five months apart.
  • At the time of the second treatment, pain intensity was 1/10 with a frequency of 20%, sleep interruption was reduced by half, and patient-reported overall improvement was 90%. Eight months following the final treatment, the patient reported being free of pain and able to resume full participation in all of her usual athletic activities.2

Would you like to ask a question about Bone marrow stem cell therapy for knee pain? Ask our Caring Medical staff

1 Chahla J, Dean CS, Moatshe G, Pascual-Garrido C, Serra Cruz R, LaPrade RF. Concentrated bone marrow aspirate for the treatment of chondral injuries and osteoarthritis of the knee: a systematic review of outcomes. Orthopaedic journal of sports medicine. 2016 Jan 13;4(1):2325967115625481. [Google Scholar]

2. Hauser RA, Orlofsky A. Regenerative injection therapy with whole bone marrow aspirate for degenerative joint disease: a case series. Clin Med Insights Arthritis Musculoskelet Disord. 2013 Sep 4;6:65-72. Google Scholar


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