Opioids and Sexual Dysfunction

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Ross Hauser, MD

A new study found that 53.3% to 81.7%  of patients who were opioid dependant (addicted) had problems of sexual dysfunction.1

Two studies from the same team of Spanish researchers offer more evidence: The first study is from the Journal of Sexual Medicine. These researchers suggest:

In second study, published in February 2017 addressed the problems related to men and explored Erectile dysfunction in patients with chronic pain treated with opioids.

In this study the doctors found:

Researchers from Quinnipiac and Yale Universities recently suggested that:

The problem of long-term opioid abuse on men is significant. Harvard researchers found that even after a 14 week trial of supplemental testosterone, symptoms of pain catastrophizing or sleep quality in men was not improved.5

Please see our related article on Hormone replacement therapy and chronic pain.

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Ross Hauser, MD | Danielle Steilen-Matias, PA-C | Katherine Worsnick, PA-C | David Woznica, MD

1 Aggarwal N, Kherada S, Gocher S, Sohu M. A study of assessment of sexual dysfunction in male subjects with opioid dependence.  Asian J Psychiatr. 2016 Oct;23:17-23. doi: 0.1016/j.ajp.2016.06.017. Epub 2016 Jul 11. [Pubmed]

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