Prolotherapy treatments for chronic neck pain after an automobile accident | Case review of three patients

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Prolotherapy treatments for chronic neck pain after an automobile accident | Case review of three patients

Documenting the results of our patients in leading medical journals helps us to provide our fellow health care providers and patients the information they need to help make informed decisions. In this case paper, we review three patients who were involved in an automobile accident, suffered from whiplash associated disorders and other symptoms, and were treated with Prolotherapy.

Types of cervical injuries

Introduction: Prolotherapy is the injection of (in most cases) of a simple dextrose solution. The goal of the treatment is to naturally tighten and strengthen weak tendons, ligaments or joint capsules. In this case the cervical neck region. Prolotherapy works by stimulating the body to accelerate the inflammatory healing response. It is within this inflammatory stage of healing that collagen is made that provides the building blocks to repair ligaments and tendons repair.

It was important for us to document case studies in peer-reviewed literature because there was so little research on this subject.

Whiplash Injury

In 2007, Dr. Robert Allen Hooper of the University of Calgary published his case series on 18 patients who had cervical neck facet joint Prolotherapy injections following a worsening of their chronic whiplash associated disorders. Here is a brief summary of his findings published in the medical journal Pain Physician (1).

In one of our research papers, The Biology of Prolotherapy and Its Application in Clinical Cervical Spine Instability and Chronic Neck Pain: A Retrospective Study, (2) co-authored by Caring Medical’s Ross Hauser MD and Danielle R. Steilen-Matias, PA-C, we were able to site Dr. Hooper’s research as well as other papers that supported the use of Prolotherapy for a neck pain and related symptom relief. In this paper our team wrote of our own results:

Let’s get to the three case studies we published:

These cases studies are excerpts from our peer-reviewed study published in the European Journal of Preventive Medicine.(3)

A 43 year-old man with pain 20 years after his automobile accident

PV is a 43-year-old male who came to our chronic pain clinic in August 2012 for treatment of his neck pain.

Our interview with PV at his first appointment

Our treatment program and results

With each treatment, PV noticed a decrease in his symptoms until his headaches, eye and facial pain, and radiculopathy were completely relieved.

During the time in between Prolotherapy sessions, the patient wore a hard cervical collar during the day and a soft cervical collar at night.

Since PV worked at a restaurant, it was imperative for him to wear a hard collar during the day to prevent excess rotation or flexion of his neck as he moved around the kitchen, as well as to prevent self-manipulation. As his symptoms continued to resolve, the patient was able to discontinue the use of the collars. The patient’s last follow up by phone was in March 2014, when PV reported his neck was doing well and the pain was gone.


A 26 year-old woman with pain 20 years after his automobile accident

Our interview with EG at her first appointment

Digital motion x-ray
In this video, Ross Hauser, MD is performing Prolotherapy under DMX guidance to the upper cervical region.

Our treatment program and results

A 35 year-old man with pain following a motor vehicle accident

Our interview with CH at his first appointment

Our treatment program and results

These are only three examples, but examples that appeared in a peer-reviewed journal. If you are having symptoms of whiplash associated disorders or the problems described by these patients, our team will be happy to discuss your case with you and see if Prolotherapy may be warranted.

Do you have a question about your neck pain? You can get help and information from our Caring Medical Staff



1 Hooper RA, Frizzell JB, Faris P. Case Series on Chronic Whiplash-Related Neck Pain Treated with Intraarticular Zygapophysial Joint Regeneration Injection Therapy. Pain Physician. 2007 Mar;10(2):313. [Google Scholar]
2 Ross Hauser, MD, Steilen-Matias D, Gordin K. The biology of prolotherapy and its application in clinical cervical spine instability and chronic neck pain: a retrospective study. European Journal of Preventive Medicine. 2015;3(4):85-102. [Google Scholar]
3 Hauser RA, Steilen D, Sprague IS. Cervical Instability as a Cause of Barré-Liéou Syndrome and Definitive Treatment with Prolotherapy: A Case Series. European Journal of Preventive Medicine. 2015;3(5):155-66. [Google Scholar]

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