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Want Knee Pain Relief Without Surgery?

Resolve knee pain without surgery

Caring Medical is one of the first clinics to offer regenerative knee pain treatments to help overcome knee pain and avoid unnecessary knee surgery.

Our team of providers specialize in the most comprehensive techniques of non-surgical Prolotherapy for knees, including Traditional Dextrose Prolotherapy, Platelet Rich Plasma Injections (PRP Knee Injections), and Stem Cell Therapy for knee pain. Drawing from over 25 years of experience, Caring Medical has become one of the largest chronic pain clinics in the United States.

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Knee Prolotherapy Treatment Options

Traditional Dextrose Prolotherapy

Hackett-Hemwall dextrose Prolotherapy is the foundation of all regenerative knee treatment protocols. It consists of the most thorough injection technique in order to resolve underlying knee instability, as well as meniscus and joint damage.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy for knees can be very effective for alleviating most knee injuries. Your own stem cells are taken from one area of your body and injected into your knee to regenerate knee cartilage to repair ligament tears, joint instability, osteoarthritis, and more.

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

PRP injections utilize growth factors obtained from your own blood to target the damaged tissue causing chronic pain and knee instability. These knee injections make a great option for athletes with knee pain looking to avoid knee surgery.

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Treatment for Knee Injuries Including:

Our Prolotherapy specialists pictured left to right: David Woznica, MD | Danielle Steilen-Matias, PA-C | Ross Hauser, MD | Katherine Worsnick, PA-C.

Caring Medical Difference

Patients seeking knee treatment often schedule surgeries such as arthroscopic knee surgery or in more severe cases total knee joint replacement. These knee surgeries come with many risks and may require many months of down time for rest and knee rehab.

At Caring Medical, we take a more thorough approach to resolving knee pain, often discovering diagnoses missed on an MRI. We work with our patients to devise a comprehensive treatment plan based on the severity of your knee injury to help you avoid surgery, alleviate symptoms, and attain your functional goals.

The unique treatment protocols that set Caring Medical apart are designed for pain resolution, not just pain management or only temporary relief. Our patients are generally able to stay as active as possible during the treatment.

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Success Story

Knee pain resolved with Prolotherapy!

“Prolotherapy Saved Me from Bilateral Knee Replacements!”

A.J., a 56 year-old body builder suffered from chronic, severe, debilitating bilateral knee pain. He was told he needed bilateral knee replacements to have any chance at a semi-normal life again, and he would likely never lift weights again post-surgery. Instead, A.J. chose Prolotherapy, along with proper exercise and nutritional supplementation to regain the active lifestyle to which he was accustomed.

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What are the major differences in stem cell therapies for knee pain?
Medical research, including our own patient studies, have proven the most effective stem cell treatments for knee pain contain a patient’s own cells (autologous).

What is the difference between autologous and amniotic cells?
Autologous cells are patient’s own cells, not preserved amniotic cells. These amniotic “cells” are purchased from a tissue bank and preserved, but do not contain living stem cells. There is a lack of studies showing long-term safety and effectiveness of amniotic cell therapy for knee pain and arthritis.

Who should administer stem cell therapy injections?
The stem cell therapy injections should also be given by healthcare providers who specialize in regenerative medicine for knee pain. There are currently many pop-up facilities claiming to be doing “stem cell therapy” who actually hire a clinician to give a single injection of amniotic cell tissue into the knee joint. We have yet to find a facility who is giving amniotic stem cell injections who can produce their own patient result studies that shows long-term effectiveness, cartilage regrowth, or any other significant patient improvement measures.

What if I have already tried amniotic stem cell therapy for knee arthritis?
If you did not experience long-term success with amniotic stem cell therapy, there are likely many reasons why it did not work for you. That is not to say that you are not a good candidate for true stem cell therapy for knee pain, but there are many important differences in the quality of care and the validity of available treatments. It is likely that the clinician who injected you did not actually address the underlying cause of your knee pain. If you only received one single injection, the primary risks of knee arthritis could not possibly have been addressed. Additionally, the injection you received did not contain live cells. In our own studies, and in the medical literature at large, the most effective stem cell therapy actually comes from a person’s own stem and healing cells, specifically when performed utilizing an injection technique that comprehensively addresses both the inside and outside of the knee joint.

How many Prolotherapy, PRP, or Stem Cell Therapy treatments are needed?
Most patients require 3-6 total treatments for knee pain. While some patients may require only 1-2 treatments for complete knee pain relief, the treatments stimulate the body to repair, and build upon each other. When the knee has significant damage from arthritis or traumatic injury, more widespread areas of the joint need to be repaired in order to restore cartilage and relieve pain. Long-term tissue repair occurs over the course of a few treatments and continues to repair well after the final treatment. This is how our bodies repair and our protocols are designed to maximize this natural process. The protocols pioneered by Caring Medical since 1993 are among the most comprehensive in the field. We strive to get patients long-lasting results in as few treatments as possible. Our goal is pain cure, not pain management!

Does government Medicare or Medicaid cover the treatments?
We are not a Medicare or Medicaid provider. Medicare/Medicaid does not cover Regenerative Medicine services.

Does my private insurance cover Prolotherapy, PRP, or Stem Cell Therapy?
Most patients receive at least some reimbursement for treatment when they submit the itemized statement that we provide after each treatment. Health Saving Account and Flexible Spending Account funds can also be used to cover treatments. We are an out of network provider. If you have only seen your insurance network doctors for help with your knee pain, you have probably been offered pain prescriptions, physical therapy, cortisone injections, viscosupplementation, or an MRI and surgical referral. Isn’t it exciting to discover there is a whole other side of medicine that saves people from unnecessary surgery and gets patients off pain medications, versus getting people started on opioids and other pain prescriptions? This is what Regenerative Medicine is all about!

How much do treatments cost?
Compared to the cost of surgery, MRI, and many other traditional treatments, regenerative knee treatments are an affordable alternative, especially for patients who do not want to go through a surgical procedure. Prolotherapy for a knee starts at $600 per treatment. When PRP or stem cells are added, the treatment cost does go up to cover the cost of safely collecting and processing the cells, and ranges from approximately $1,200-$3,000 per treatment.

What forms of payment are accepted?
Our clinics accept all major credit cards and/or cash.

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