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The evidence for Platelet Rich Plasma therapy for treating Hip Osteoarthritis

Our offices have been offering regenerative medicine injections since 1993 as a service to people who wish to avoid hip replacement surgery. As part of our comprehensive program, we offer Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, or as we describe it Platelet Rich Plasma Prolotherapy.

If you have come upon this page, it is likely that you have received a recommendation to Platelet Rich Plasma Injections for your hip pain and you are doing your research. We are going to help you with that research, but first, we would like to take a moment to describe how we offer Platelet Rich Plasma Injections for your hip pain as opposed to how you may have been offered this treatment in other offices.

The thinking that PRP may only be a delaying treatment to put off hip replacement surgery

As described above, many patients come in with preconceived notions suggested to them by their orthopedists that PRP treatment is a one injection treatment, the effects will wear off, when the PRP effects wear off. surgery can then be discussed.

Despite evidence that PRP can help patients with hip osteoarthritis by addressing and correcting the destructive hip instability, there is a belief among many in the medical community that PRP is only a stopgap to delay the hip replacement surgery. By offering the patient that one-time treatment, they will be providing the patient significant pain relief until they are ready for hip replacement.

There are numerous studies that show a lack of effectiveness in PRP treatments. These studies surround single-dose/injection treatment. It should make sense to anyone researching the use of PRP for hip osteoarthritis that it is unlikely that you can reverse years of degenerative hip disease with a single injection of anything. A degenerative disease does not happen overnight, nor does it reverse overnight.

Our experience in treating thousands of patients, we have not found PRP to be effective as a single dose treatment.

We have found it to be very effective as part of a comprehensive multi-dose treatment program

Single PRP treatment is not how we see PRP treatments. We see PRP treatments in conjunction with Prolotherapy treatments as a means to not only delay the need for a hip replacement but to prevent the need for hip by repairing and regenerating tissue in the hip.

In our experience, when somebody has degenerative hip disease and the cartilage is wearing away and being lost, you simply cannot repair the cartilage without addressing what is causing the cartilage damage. This is the joint erosion or irreversible joint damage you are hearing so much about. It manifests itself as instability in your hip, the feeling that your hip is giving way or is loose and wobbly.

Prolotherapy utilizes hypertonic dextrose, among other simple ingredients that are individualized to each case, to initiate localized soft tissue repair. In the hip, the treatment is used to repair, tighten and strengthen the ligaments that hold the hip bones in place.

Prolotherapy, by itself, is a very effective treatment. We may add Platelet Rich Plasma as part of the Prolotherapy treatment when damage to the hip cartilage is more substantial. We never give only PRP into the hip without Prolotherapy to the surrounding, supportive ligaments.

In our published research, we looked at 61 patients, 33 of them had hip pain in both hips. Twenty of these patients were told that there were no treatment options available to them, with eight being recommended to surgery as their “only hope,” for hip pain alleviation.

Of the 94 hips treated in the 61 patients:

In this video for athletes and active patients, a demonstration of the type of Comprehensive Prolotherapy offered at Caring Medical is shown.

In this video, you also see that the injections are not only targeted at the center of the joint, as in PRP injections but also around the joint. What this does is address joint instability by treating the ligaments of the peri-articular or “outside” hip region.

The evidence for PRP in hip regeneration

It is somewhat amazing that the bulk of research surrounding the use of PRP into the hip is focused on how to make wound healing better during after invasive surgery. It is amazing because patients seek PRP not to make their surgery wound go away, but to make the surgery go away.

The evidence that PRP helps avoid a surgery.

There are more articles on our website surrounding the avoidance of hip replacement.

If you have questions about PRP for your hip pain, Get help and information from our Caring Medical staff

Prolotherapy Specialists


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